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15Joint 5 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation Cranial Cruciate Ligament Lateral Suture System www.vetinst.com VI Starter Kits VI Lateral Suture Starter Kits If you are new to the lateral suture system our kits represent the most economical means. All kits include a procedural DVD. Which Suture? (Approx) STRENGTH WEIGHT 50lb 10 - 15kg 80lb 15 - 20kg 100lb 20+kg 100lb x 2 40kg These are guidelines only Monofilament line used as a lateral suture (De Angelis style) is an accepted CCL treatment method. Crimping is strongly recommended as the knots formed tend to be large, often causing seroma reactions and pain due to soft tissue irritation. VI STARTER KITS 091154 Packs are supplied sterile. Autoclaving is not recommended as this reduces the strength and increses the elasticity of the material. CCL Suture System (Swaged on) Basic Kit Crimping Forceps 2 x each size nylon/needle/crimp sterile packs £200.85 Double sutures are supplied swaged on as a loop for use of the self-locking McKee/Miller knot (VCOT 1999;12:78-80) or with 2 crimps. One needle pass around the fabella allows two lines to be placed with less peri-fabellar damage. For procedure details see www.vetinst.com or request our free DVD ‘Surgical Management of Canine Cranial Cruciate Disease’. Lateral Suture Lateral Suture Step by Step A step by step guide for the technique, from which the images below are taken, is available online at www.vetinst.com or in hard copy on request. VI STARTER KITS 091150 CCL Suture System (Swaged on) Compound Action Kit 2 x each size nylon/needle/crimp sterile packs £221.45 VI STARTER KITS 091151 158 CCL Suture System (Swaged on) Basic Kit Plus Forceps 2 x each size nylon/needle/crimp sterile packs plus Heavy Duty Needleholders £231.75