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15Joint 5 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Extra Articular Joint Distraction Spinlock Stifle Distractor External Stiflle Distractor Alternative spinlock version of the ratcheted stifle distractors. Spinlocks avoid the slippage which can occur with ratchets, and allow incremental opening of the joint which is not dependant on the tooth pitch of a ratchet. SPINLOCK STIFLE DISTRACTORS 001113SL Spinlock Small Stifle Distractor 140mm 6mm Tips 001113VSSL Spinlock Very Small Stifle Distractor 140mm 3mm Tips £159.65 £159.65 JOINT SURGERY PRACTICAL DVD The University of Sydney’s Centre for Veterinary Education produces a range of excellent teaching DVDs.Veterinary Instrumentation is pleased to have been appointed a distributor. Surgical Approaches to the Bones and Joints of the Dog Dr. Wing Tip Wong This DVD includes all the common approaches to the shoulder, elbow, hip, stifle and hock joints as well as the humerus and ilial shaft. Bone models are included to highlight the approach. The DVD is suitable for general practitioners contemplating any surgical procedure involving canine joints. Procedures include: Caudal approach to shoulder Distal humerus via olecranon Lateral approach to humerus Lateral approach to elbow Medial approach to elbow Dorsal approach to hip Lateral approach to stifle Medial approach to hock Approach to ilial shaft Duration: 40 minutes SURGICAL APPROACHES DVD DR WING TIP WONG DVDSAW Surgical Approaches DVD Dr Wing Tip Wong £74.68 Small & Mini Gelpi Retractors for Arthrotomy Developed original for arthroscopic use but also useful in open surgery on very tight osteoarthritic stifles. Improves visibility in the joint by reducing clutter. Pins (2.5mm) placed above and below the stifle in line with the medial collateral ligament. Turn the thumbscrew to distract the joint and expose the medial meniscus. The pins may be twisted relative to one another to bring the tibial plateau forwards. Version with 3.2mm pins is suitable for use with TPLO jig pins – the proximal pin can then be re-used. EXTRA ARTICULAR STIFLE DISTRACTOR AR-17-01 AR-17-01/TPLO Used with or without orthogonally placed stifle distractors help to improve exposure significantly when working through a mini stifle arthrotomy. Short sharp tips give easy access and holding power. Alternative blunt tip version is less secure but also less traumatic to tissue. SMALL & MINI GELPI FOR ARTHROTOMY 0013302 Gelpi Mini Curved (45mm Spread) 90mm Long Sharp Tips £118.45 0013303 Gelpi Mini Curved (45mm Spread) 90mm Long Blunt Tips £118.45 156 Extra Articular Stifle Distractor 2.5mm Pins 80mm Extra Articular Stifle Distractor 3.2mm Pins 80mm £200.85 £200.85