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15Joint 5 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation Small & Mini Gelpi Retractors for Arthrotomy Coughlan Soft Tissue Mangeurs Used with or without orthogonally placed stifle distractors help to improve exposure significantly when working through a mini stifle arthrotomy. Use to rapidly remove soft tissues eg. fat pad which can obscure the operative field. Also suitable for removing remnants of ruptured CrCL. Developed by Andrew Couglan. Short sharp tips give easy access and holding power. Alternative blunt tip version is less secure but also less traumatic to tissue. COUGHLAN SOFT TISSUE MANGEURS SMALL & MINI GELPI FOR ARTHROTOMY 0013302 Gelpi Mini Curved (45mm Spread) 90mm Long Sharp Tips £118.45 0013303 Gelpi Mini Curved (45mm Spread) 90mm Long Blunt Tips £118.45 001108S 001108 001109 Small Stifle Ronguers Small rongeurs with angled slim jaws, useful for work within the stifle to remove CrCL r