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15Joint 5 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation Toothed Halsteads Beaver Type Scalpel Handle Very useful for grasping the meniscus. Holds Beaver and Swann Morton fine blades. Ideal for delicate control without cluttering field of view. TOOTHED HALSTEADS 103185 103180 Halstead Mosquito Forceps 1/2 Teeth Cof 125mm Halstead Mosquito Forceps 1/2 Teeth Str 125mm www.vetinst.com £27.30 £27.30 BEAVER TYPE SCALPEL HANDLE 06054 06051 06052 06053 Fat Pad Retractor Beaver Type Scalpel Handle (VI) 130mm Beaver Type Scalpel Handle 130mm Beaver Type Scalpel Handle 100mm Beaver Type Scalpel Handle 80mm £15.40 £20.55 £20.55 £20.55 Swann Morton Beaver Type Blades Fine blade suggested uses: 64 blade – meniscal release, cuts around the tip plus on ventral surface. 65 and 65a – pointed blades in 2 sizes. Good for trimming flaps in confined spaces. SWANN MORTON FINE BEAVER TYPE BLADES 05904 05905 05906 A more practical alternative to a standard Senn for retracting the fat pad during examination of the medial meniscus. Available in both standard 3 prong and smaller 2 pronged versions Fat Pad Retractor 180mm Fat Pad Retractor Small 180mm Senn Cats Paw Retractor 165mm £28.33 £28.33 £28.33 Meniscectomy Instruments FAT PAD RETRACTOR 001114 001114S 833305 No 64 Blades (25) Beaver Type No 65 Blades (25) Beaver Type No 65(a) Blades (25) Beaver Type Ligament Clamp Jaws £27.30 £27.30 £27.30 Hook Knife and Push Knife Purpose designed, the jaws of the Ligament Clamp have multiple small gripping teeth to combat synovial fluid slip. The T handle push knife is only sharp on the inner curve, not at the tips. Suitable for larger patients. These three hand held knives can deal with most meniscal tears. Their low profile makes them suitable for both open and arthroscopic surgeries. MENISCUS KNIVES AR-17-19XS Hook Knife 150mm AR-17-19X Hook Knife 225mm AR-17-11X Push Knife 225mm MENISCECTOMY INSTRUMENTS £92.19 £92.19 £92.19 001100 001107 001110 152 Meniscectomy Instrument Set Meniscectomy Knife 165mm Ligament/ Cartilage Clamp 140mm £110.00 £70.00 £65.00