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Joint Surgery In practice, the most common orthopaedic procedure is the surgical management of cranial cruciate disease in the dog. We’re aware that there are many techniques available, from simple lateral suture placement to advanced osteotomy techniques such as TPLO and TTA. Choice of procedure is dependent on the patient, the surgeon’s training and the owner’s circumstances. Whatever procedure is chosen, Vi stock the implants and equipment. Thinking about trying a new procedure? Then see our range of Step by Step guides to the common techniques. And check our DVD on Surgical Management of Canine Cruciate Disease containing surgical video footage of common techniques. It’s available on request. This is of course no substitute for a full training course but will provide a good introduction. Equipment for dealing with other joint based procedures such as patellar luxation and femoral head and neck excision are also included here. As usual, for help with any of our products, just contact the Vi team 149 5