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Dental Equipment & Instrumentation External Fixation15 4 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Spanners & Wrenches Spanner Size and Clamp Type Reference Chart Standard spanners, sockets or combination spanners are available for all clamp sizes see reference chart. SPANNERS 001566 001565 001564 86012 86104 86105 86107 86687 Spanner Small 7mm Spanner Medium 8mm Spanner Large 10mm Socket Drive Handle Small Socket 7mm Medium Socket 8mm Large Socket 10mm Angled Wrench Large 10mm £11.00 £11.00 £11.00 £17.00 £6.44 £6.44 £6.44 £15.00 Quick Ratchet Spanner Clamp Type Clamp Size Clamp Code Spanner Size Spanner Code KE Plus Small 001527 7mm 001566 Medium 001526 8mm 001565 Large 001525 10mm 001564 KE+ Double Clamps Small 001594 7mm 001566 Medium 001592 8mm 001565 Large 001584 10mm 001564 KE+ Extra Large Clamps Single EXL01 13mm 001562 Double EXL02 13mm 001562 KE+ Split Clamps Small 001547S 7mm 001566 Medium 001547M 8mm 001565 Large 001547L 10mm 001564 KE+ ESF Hinge Joints Small 001597 7mm 001566 Medium 001598 8mm 001565 Large 001599 10mm 001564 SF Clamps Mini 001740 7mm 001566 Single Small 001741 8mm 001565 Large 001742 10mm 001564 SF Clamps Mini 001743 7mm 001566 Double Small 001744 8mm 001565 Large 001745 10mm 001564 Table Top Stand for Hanging Limb Preparation Use of our quick ratchet spanner will save time tightening clamps. Unlike conventional ratchet handles and socket sets the quick ratchet is not thicker than a regular spanner and can be used in very confined spaces. QUICK RATCHET SPANNER 001565QR 001564QR Quick Ratchet Spanner 8mm (Medium) Quick Ratchet Spanner 10mm (Large) £46.35 £48.93 ‘T’ Bar Wrenches Suspension of a limb can provide significant benefits in both arthroscopy and other orthopaedic procedures. The shoul der joint is distracted and 360 degree access becomes available. Height 1.2m (48”) Useful for speedy tightening of clamps in that the wrench can be ‘spun’ using the shaft. Our limb suspension stand was re-designed to give greater table-top stability. A cleat for tying off limb suspension ropes has also been added and the shaft can be dismantled for storage. ‘T’ BAR WRENCHES 001566T 001565T 001564T Small ‘T’ Wrench - 7mm Medium ‘T’ Wrench - 8mm Large ‘T’ Wrench - 10mm £18.50 £21.00 £23.00 TABLETOP STAND FOR HANGING LIMB PREPARATION R463 143 Tabletop Stand for Hanging Limb Preparation £185.00