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15External 4 Dental Equipment Fixation & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Epoxy Pin Cutters Epoxy ESF Putty Safety Pin Cutter to 4mm Epoxy ESF Putty is a simple to use, quick and convenient alternative to the standard bar and clamp system. The putty, once mixed, stiffens in 5 minutes and within 1 hour is fully cured. The putty can be applied and then the fracture reduced allowing precise manipulation of the fracture site. The versatility of the system allows the putty to be used in place of clamps, to cover sharp ends of cut pins, and many other applications. SAFETY PIN CUTTER TO 4MM 001229 There are two pack sizes in a bar format with the premeasured catalyst in the centre of the bar ready for mixing. The product is clean and has a long shelf life. Only mix the quantity you need, cutting the required amount off the end of the bar. If you find you don’t have enough, more can be prepared in a matter of seconds. ESF putty sticks to itself very well and may be used for repairs and corrections. Particularly useful in fractures in small furries where proximal and distal fragments may be attached together with ‘blobs’ of putty in place of clamps regardless of fixation pin site. Safety Cutter to 4mm Stainless 36cm Long Pin Insertion Correct pin insertion requires slow axial rotation under pressure and without hand wobble. The ideal instrument is the Variable Speed Orthopaedic Drill. It is a low speed, high torque device that offers maximal control and is of course useful elsewhere in veterinary orthopaedics. Typical Applications • ESF applications requiring multiple pins of various sizes placed at various angles. • ESF applications in rabbits and guinea pigs A Jacobs hand chuck can be used particularly where bone is young and soft. However, use of a hand chuck produces wobble and a pin tract hole that is not circular. This reduces the pin / bone interface contact area, increasing the chance of premature pin loosening. The small Jacobs hand chuck gives is big enough for 2, 3 and 4mm pins. • Fractures of the jaw • Protecting sharp ends of cut pins • Joining non-standard pins and bars • Use to add a pin mid frame EPOXY ESF PUTTY EPOXY1 EPOXY2 Epoxy ESF Putty 55G Epoxy ESF Putty 110G £324.45 £14.94 £27.30 For further details about the drill and spare chucks see Chapter 7. Power Tools PIN INSERTION 001600 001220 001221 Variable Speed Orthopaedic Drill Kit £365.00 Small Jacobs Chuck and Handle 5/32” (4mm) Capacity £235.00 Standard Jacobs Chuck and Handle 1/4” (6.35mm) Capacity £235.00 ESF Tissue Protector Protection of soft tissue is very important when placing an ESF frame. Protection prevents tissues from getting wrapped around the drill bit, and helps to maintain access to the pin tract in the bone. Once a connecting bar with clamps is in position, pin placement through a drill guide presents a specific problem because standard drill guide tissue protectors cannot be removed once the pin is in position. The ESF Tissue Protector splits along its length to allow removal. The tip has small serrations to encourage grip on the bone surface. ESF TISSUE PROTECTOR 001548 Lower pictures by Andy Moores 142 ESF Tissue Protector £67.50