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Dental Equipment & Instrumentation External Fixation15 4 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com FESSA External Fixation FESSA Ultra-Lightweight Titanium FESSA FESSA External Fixation - Stainless Steel Developed for use in the French army FESSA is a lightweight tubular fixator with a number of interesting features. 6mm FESSA plus 1.1mm pins Distal radius/ ulna cat Case: Kevin Eatwell, Edinburgh University Chinchilla • The tube incorporates the pin clamping mechanism and is thus very strong and has extremely good angular pin rigidity. • Available in 6 and 8mm & 12mm (new)diameter Tubes. • 6mm Tube accepts pins of shaft diameter 0.9mm to 1.8mm making it extremely useful in the management of fractures in cats and exotics. Actual Size • 8mm Tube accepts pins of shaft diameter 1.6mm to 3.2mm. Illustrated is 5.0mm x 30mm FESSA plus 4 x 1.0mm bicortical pins.Weight 1.5 gram. • 12mm Tube accepts pins of shaft diameter up to 4mm and M5 Grub Screws. Standard Stainless Steel FESSA is already very light. The tubular structure acts as both clamp and bar. Birds, small furries and exotics demand even lighter constructs. • Design allows placement of multiple parallel pins close together in small fragments. • Pins can be placed at right angles to tube or angled through adjacent holes. Pins are locked into position by hex driven grub screws. Using Titanium tube of 5.0mm in diameter enables the surgeon to apply FESSA constructs weighing from as little as 1.5 grams. Titanium Fessa tubes (015521 & 015522) are both supplied with 6 x M3 grub screws. Suitable for pins 0.8mm to 1.6mm. For full range of pins see page 132. Uses 1.5 hex drivers, the same as 6.0mm FESSA The Starter Kit contains the following: One of each 6mm tube and one of each 8mm tube (6 in total) 1 x 6mm Hinge and one 8mm Hinge 1 x 1.5mm Hex Screwdriver and one 2.0mm Hex Screwdriver 10 x 1.5 Locking Screws and 10 x 2.0 Locking Screws The Kit contains: All contained in a Stainless Steel Box with Silicone Insert. 2 x 5mm x 30mm Ti Fessa FESSA EXTERNAL FIXATION 015500 015502 015504 015506 015507 015508 015509 015534 015510 015512 015514 SDHS24F 015517 015520 015536 015540 015542 015544 015545 SDHS35F FESSA Starter Set in Stainless Box FESSA Tube 6mm x 30mm FESSA Tube 6mm x 45mm FESSA Tube 6mm x 65mm FESSA Hex Driver Screwdriver Type 1.5mm FESSA Hex Driver Allen Key Type 1.5mm FESSA 6mm (1.5 Hex) Locking Screws (10) FESSA 6mm Hinge FESSA Tube 8mm x 100mm FESSA Tube 8mm x 150mm FESSA Tube 8mm x 200mm 2.0mm Hex Screwdriver with Teflon Handle FESSA Hex Driver Allen Key Type 2.0mm FESSA 8mm (2.0 Hex) Locking Screws (10) FESSA 8mm Hinge FESSA Tube 12mm x 125mm FESSA Tube 12mm x 175mm FESSA Tube 12mm x 225mm FESSA 12mm (2.5 Hex) Locking Screws (10) 2.5mm Hex Screwdriver + Sleeve with Teflon Handle 2 x 5mm x 45mm Ti Fessa £540.75 £29.36 £31.93 £34.51 £59.23 £9.79 £28.33 £66.95 £39.66 £42.23 £47.38 £56.65 £9.79 £28.33 £66.95 £49.96 £52.53 £57.68 £28.33 £90.13 1.5 Hex Driver Small Pin Vice 10 x M3 Grub Screws 6 x 0.8 Bicortical Negative Pins 6 x 1.0 Bicortical Negative Pins 6 x 1.5 Bicortical Negative Pins The Kit is supplied in Stainless Box with Silicone Insert. Discounted by more than 20% TITANIUM FESSA 015530 015521 015522 015509 015508 BCNET08 BCNET10 BCNET15 141 Titanium FESSA Set in Stainless Steel Box 5mm x 30mm Titanium FESSA 5mm x 45mm Titanium FESSA FESSA 5mm (1.5 Hex) Locking Screws (10) 1.5 Hex Allen Key 0.8mm Bicortical Negative Pins 1.0mm Bicortical Negative Pins 1.5mm Bicortical Negative Pins £561.35 £64.38 £69.53 £28.33 £9.79 £6.75 £6.75 £6.75