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Dental Equipment & Instrumentation External Fixation15 4 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Linear Distractors Small M4 0.75mm per rotation - use pins up to 3/32”/2.4mm diameter UNIPLANAR DYNAMIC DISTRACTOR - SMALL Uniplanar Dynamic Distractor 001910 001911 001951 001960 001920 001921 001922 001923 0019722 001566 001900 Uniplanar external fixator distraction devices are most frequently used for: • Restoration of lost bone length from trauma or growth plate anomalies. • Restoration of joint congruity (most commonly the elbow). • Incremental correction of uncomplicated angular limb deformities Application of linear frames is more straight-forward than for ring fixators, but application is restricted to a single plane and larger pin diameters are normally required to create a rigid enough construct. Frames will typically be constructed with one or more full pins towards the ends of the bone, with further pins in the mid-section. Straight bones may allow these additional pins to also be through pins, but in bones with significant bowing (such as the radius on many patients), half pins may be necessary. Sliding Single Clamp 3/32” Pins Sliding Double Clamp 3/32” Pins Knurled Adjuster - Small Locking Nut - Small Threaded Rod - Small 50mm Pitch 0.75mm Threaded Rod - Small 75mm Pitch 0.75mm Threaded Rod - Small 100mm Pitch 0.75mm Threaded Rod - Small 150mm Pitch 0.75mm Wire Insert Guide - M4 Small Spanner Radius Assembly - Small 3/32” Does not include pins £29.50 £49.00 £15.50 £4.50 £13.50 £17.50 £19.50 £21.50 £49.50 £11.00 £265.00 Medium M6 1.0mm per rotation - use pins up to 3/16”/4.8mm diameter UNIPLANAR DYNAMIC DISTRACTOR - MEDIUM 001912 001913 001952 001961 001930 001931 001932 001819 001565 001901 We offer two linear distraction systems. KE Plus and Vumex. KE Plus Linear Distractors These use the nuts and bolts of the familiar KE Plus design coupled to sliders running freely on threaded bar connecting rods. The addition of locking nuts to the threaded bar holds either the proximal or distal sliders in position. Distraction is created by turning a knurled adjuster to force proximal and distal sliders apart. A typical assembly is shown below. Sliding Single Clamp 1/8” Pins Sliding Double Clamp 1/8” Pins Knurled Adjuster - Medium Locking Nut - Medium Threaded Rod - Medium 75mm Pitch 1.0mm Threaded Rod - Medium 150mm Pitch 1.0mm Threaded Rod - Medium 200mm Pitch 1.0mm Wire Insert Guide - M6 Medium Spanner Radius Assembly - Medium 1/8” Does not include pins £32.50 £60.00 £16.50 £5.00 £18.50 £22.50 £26.50 £49.50 £11.00 £295.00 Large M8 1.25mm per rotation - use pins up to 5/32”/4.0mm with singles or 1/4”/6.3mm with doubles UNIPLANAR DYNAMIC DISTRACTOR - LARGE 001914 001915 001953 001962 001940 001941 001564 001902 Sliding Single Clamps Comprising a slider holding a single KE Plus Bolt with associated nut. These offer some flexibility over pin angulation, but at the expense of construct rigidity compared with sliding double clamps Sliding Double Clamps Comprising a slider holding two KE Plus Bolts with associated nuts. These offer less flexibility over pin angulation and create a more rigid construct than sliding single clamps. Knurled Adjusters Sliding Single Clamp 5/32” Pins Sliding Double Clamp 5/32” Pins Knurled Adjuster - Large Locking Nut - Large Threaded Rod - Large 100mm Pitch 1.25mm Threaded Rod - Large 200mm Pitch 1.25mm Large Spanner Radius Assembly - Large 5/32” Does not include pins £33.50 £63.50 £17.50 £5.50 £20.50 £27.50 £11.00 £335.00 Vumex Linear Distraction Units Lightweight, self-contained and nicely engineered devices effective in small fragment distraction. The prime veterinary application is in the correction of elbow incongruity where only one of the antebrachial bones has been cut. Small – one full rotation = 0.75mm movement Medium – one full rotation = 1.0mm movement Large – one full rotation – 1.25mm movement Fishmouth type clamps do not require that the pin passes through the clamp prior to attaching the distractor. It is advised that these are used in combination with lock-nuts to prevent loosening. Wire Insert Guide Used for the accurate placement of parallel pins across a frame. VUMEX EXTERNAL FIXATION F0702.0120 F0702.0130 F0302.0407 F0302.0415 F0302.0615 F0302.0620 F0304.0620 WIRE INSERT GUIDE 0019722 001819 Wire Insert Guide for M4 Rings and Wires Wire Insert Guide for M6 Rings and Wires £49.50 £49.50 139 Allen key 2.0mm A/F Disposable Allen key 3.0mm A/F Disposable Fishmouth Distractor 100mm 1.6-3.2mm Pins Fishmouth Distractor 150mm 1.6-3.2mm Pins Distractor M4 Double Hole 150mm 2.0-4.0mm Pins Distractor M4 Double Hole 200mm 2.0-4.0mm Pins Distractor M6 Fishmouth 200mm 2.0-4.0mm Pins £5.75 £5.93 £110.00 £110.00 £110.00 £110.00 £110.00