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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Internal Fixation15 3 Washers Titanium Buttons Titanium is very biocompatible and our range of Titanium Buttons has been loosely modelled on the familiar six sizes of UHMWPE Ormrod button we have been supplying for some time. Despite being slightly lower profile, these resist higher peak loading than their UHMWPE equivalents. Their overall diameters have bee n maintained to try and limit osteolysis and the subsequent subsidence that is occasionally seen with lower footprint buttons. Their edges have been made as smooth as possible to reduce suture wear. The titanium buttons will find use for ligament replacement/ joint embrocation procedures, especially around the hip and stifle. TITANIUM BUTTONS TIBUT6H TIBUT6S TIBUT9H TIBUT9S TIBUT11H TIBUT11S Use to spread load or retain wire or sutures. Use with Cortical or Self Tapping Screws. Spikey washers are used to reattach ligaments or secure grafts to the femur in the OTT technique of CrCL repair. WASHERS PW15 PW20 PW20B PW24 PW24TI PW273540 PW273540B PW45 SW15 SW20 SW27 SW3540 SW45 Plain Washer 1.5mm Screws Stainless £6.25 Plain Washer 2.0mm/1.5mm Screws Stainless £6.25 Plain Washer 2.0mm Screws Broad 6mm Diameter £6.50 Plain Washer 2.4mm Screws Stainless £6.25 Plain Washer 2.4mm Screws Titanium £9.75 Plain Washer 2.7/ 3.5/4.0mm Screws Stainless 7.0mm Dia £6.25 Plain Washer 2.7/ 3.5/4.0mm Screws Stainless 8.5mm Dia £6.25 Plain Washer 4.5mm Screws Stainless £6.25 Spikey Washer 1.5mm Screws Stainless £10.56 Spikey Washer 2.0mm Screws Stainless £10.56 Spikey Washer 2.7mm Screws Stainless £10.56 Spikey Washer 3.5/4.0mm Screws Stainless £10.56 Spikey Washer 4.5mm Screws Stainless £10.56 Titanium Button 6mm 2 Holes Titanium Button 6mm 2 Slots Titanium Button 9mm 2 Holes Titanium Button 9mm 2 Slots Titanium Button 11mm 2 Holes Titanium Button 11mm 2 Slots £19.06 £19.06 £19.06 £19.06 £19.06 £19.06 Cerclage Buttons Epiphyseal Staples New Design Use to correct angular deformities caused by uneven growth of distal growth plates. Staples will only work if there is growth potential in the plate to be stapled. Old Design EPIPHYSEAL STAPLES 090171 090172 090173 090174 Width 12mm Wide 15mm Wide 20mm Wide 30mm Wide Leg Length 10mm Wide 12mm Wide 15mm Wide 25mm Wide Wire Diameter 1.6mm Diameter £14.37 2.0mm Diameter £14.37 2.4mm Diameter £14.37 3.0mm Diameter £14.37 The Cerclage Button occupies a screw hole. The slot retains cerclage wire where screw placement is not possible. Reduces plate weakness due to empty screw holes. CERCLAGE BUTTON CB15 CB20 CB24 CB27 CB35 123 Cerclage Button for use with 1.5mm DCP Cerclage Button for use with 2.0mm DCP Cerclage Button for use with 2.4mm DCP Cerclage Button for use with 2.7mm DCP Cerclage Button for use with 3.5mm DCP. £23.50 £23.50 £23.50 £23.50 £23.50