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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Internal Fixation15 3 Titanium Mesh System 5mm Close-up of mesh, showing pattern – including hole spacing measurement. The Screws are tapered, making them self-drilling and self-tapping, however, a drill of 1mm diameter or less may be used to start the screws and may help reduce the chances of cracks forming if used close to the fracture lines. The Screws are made of titanium to avoid any problems arising from mixed metallurgy and feature a low profile cruciate head designed for use with the Cruciate Screwdriver with AO Quick Release fitting shown. A 5mm or 7mm length appears to be the most useful for our species, but more sizes are likely to become available depending on demand. For the first time, we are making Titanium Mes h available directly to vets. Based on a human product, our Titanium Mesh is cuttable and is mouldable in three-dimensions, making it very adaptable and ideal for cranial fractures and in the management of fractures of other flat bones that are not load bearing. The mesh has also been used to augment bone cement in joint replacement surgery. Screwdriver Insert Titanium Mesh Cutter TITANIUM MESH SYSTEM TIMESH405006 TIMESH506006 TIMESH607006 TIMESH SCREW2005 TIMESH SCREW2007 TIMESHSDI TIMESHCUT TIMESHPLI Moulded ready for acetabulum augmentation during total hip replacement surgery. Images courtesy of Guenter Schwarz. The triangular pattern allows 5mm between screw-hole centres. The mesh is 0.6mm thick and becomes more rigid as it is bent into a threedimensional form. 121 Titanium Mesh 40mm x 50mm 0.6mm Thick Titanium Mesh 50mm x 60mm 0.6mm Thick Titanium Mesh 60mm x 70mm 0.6mm Thick Titanium Mesh Screws Tapered 2.0mm x 5.0mm Length Cruciate Head Titanium Mesh Screws Tapered 2.0mm x 7.0mm Length Cruciate Head Screwdriver Insert for 2mm Cruiciate Titanium Mesh Screws. AO Quick Release Titanium Mesh Cutters Titanium Mesh Contouring Pliers £216.30 £236.90 £257.50 £9.79 £10.25 £92.70 £159.65 £180.25