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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Internal Fixation15 3 Anatomy of a LokRod™ Plate Anatomy of a Locking Rod Plate 1. Chamfered tip enables easier MIPO insertion - since this becomes a one step procedure and no separate tunnelling tool is required, the impact of insertion on soft-tissues is minimised 2. Small hole for engaging a small wire or the tips of reduction forceps to help positioning 3. Blended shoulder minimises stress risers 4. Tapered end-plate minimises profile to make device more sympathetic to soft tissues 5. Step between plate and shaft to optimise limited contact credentials 6. Cylindrical shaft to minimise impact on peri-implant soft tissues and vascularisation and with optimised diameter to allow the implant to flex in multiple planes, helping to stimulate osteogenesis and reduce peak loading on the screw-plate and screw-bone interfaces. No screwholes in the shaft means no stress focus, 7. Twin start thread locking holes are most robust locking plate technology currently available and accept a wide range of established screws 8. Close positioning of holes is useful for small fragment work 9. Limited contact undercuts to maximise vascularisation 10. Close positioning of end hole to end of implant for juxta-articular use UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED: DIMENSIONS ARE IN MILLIMETERS SURFACE FINISH: TOLERANCES: LINEAR: ANGULAR: LOKROD™ PLATES LRP24270480 LRP24270490 LRP242704100 LRP242704110 LokRod™ Plate 4 Hole 80mm Long LokRod™ Plate 4 Hole 90mm Long LokRod™ Plate 4 Hole 100mm Long LokRod™ Plate 4 Hole 110mm Long NAME £70.00 £70.00 £70.00 £70.00 DATE REVISI TITLE: CHK'D APPV'D MFG Q.A MATERIAL: WEIGHT: ACCESSORIES FOR LOKROD™ PLATES Locking Screw Guide for small 2.7 (2.4 Head) Locking Screw Guide for 2.4 Copenhagen Plate Assistant Set Reduction Forceps 135mm Plate Bending Pliers Roller Type SIGNATURE DO NOT SCALE DRAWING DRAWN For 2.4 and 2.7 Locking Screws see pages 111. LSDG2724 LSDG2424 COPENSET 001201 001283SMALL DEBUR AND BREAK SHARP EDGES FINISH: £54.08 £54.08 £195.00 £73.65 £221.45 Plate profiles on page 367. 119 DWG NO. SCALE:2:1 LRP -anatom SHEET 1 OF 1