DIAG IM3 - Page 134

15Internal 3 Dental Equipment Fixation & Instrumentation LokRod™ Plating System www.vetinst.com Application LokRod™ Plates must be used with standard locking screws with a twin start thread. Locking Implant Drill Guides are required for the use of any twin thread locking screw-holes (see pages 110-112) LokRod™ Plates are new devices conceived and designed over the last few years by our Product Development Manager, David Strong. LokRod™ Plates should prove useful as an alternative for more traditional fixation modalities, particularly in the management of comminuted longbone fractures with only small proximal and distal fragments. In some cases, these new implants even may prove to be the only practical choice. At least four cortices must be engaged in each fragment and preferably six in the larger versions. It is mechanically stronger to place the implant as close to the functional axis of the bone as possible, so it is advised to have the underside of the plate holes snugged up to the bone as close as possible. Reduction forceps (page 2