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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Internal Fixation15 3 VILock 2.7 Plates with Stacked Locking Holes Locking Pancarpal Arthrodesis VILock plates accept perfectly the standard 2.7mm twin start locking screw. Locking plates with combination holes have the disadvantage that the combination hole occupies a lot of space which results in hole spacing being too large. The consequence is that it may not be possible to place the desired number of screws in any bone fragment. At the 2009 BVOA scientific meeting there was a lengthy discussion regarding the value of incorporating Locking Screws into pancarpal constructs. Locking Screws add angular security which was generally regarded to be a good thing. The presence of compression holes was also considered to be desirable. Aaron Moles (Perth) considers that once the cartilage has been removed the carpus effectively becomes a comminuted fracture and questions whether placing a single screw in a small fragment (the radial carpal bone) is appropriate. All good fun! Veterinary Instrumentation has produced a small number of plates which offer a variety of combinations. Feedback from surgeons is appreciated. All radial carpal bone holes are round. In that situations which demand locking screws and plates rarely need DCP holes the VI locking plate offers only stacked holes which will take both locking and standard cortical screws but will not offer compression. The hole spacing is the same as that of a standard 2.7mm DCP. Plate profiles on page 362. LOCKING 2.7 PLATES LPSH2704034 LPSH2705042 LPSH2706050 LPSH2707058 LPSH2708066 LPSH2709074 LPSH2710082 LPSH2711090 LPSH2712098 LPSH2713106 LPSH2714114 LPSH2715122 LPSH2716130 LPSH2717138 LPSH2718146 2.7mm Locking Plate 4 Hole 34mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 5 Hole 42mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 6 Hole 50mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 7 Hole 58mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 8 Hole 66mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 9 Hole 74mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 10 Hole 82mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 11 Hole 90mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 12 Hole 98mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 13 Hole 106mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 14 Hole 114mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 15 Hole 122mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 16 Hole 130mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 17 Hole 138mm Long 2.7mm Locking Plate 18 Hole 146mm Long LS27PSET 2.7mm Locking Plate Set £43.78 £45.32 £47.38 £49.44 £51.50 £53.56 £55.62 £57.68 £59.74 £61.80 £63.86 £65.92 £67.98 £70.04 £72.10 £818.85 In this Plate all holes are locking and will accept either 3.5 locking (LS35** series). This Plate is as above but includes two DCP holes above and below the radial carpal bone hole. The above two plates have the same dimensions and hole spacing as 152907XL (see page 371.) VILock 3.5 Plates with Stacked Locking Holes Locking Plates with dual or combination holes are useful but typically the interval between holes is too large, limiting how many screws are possible in a fragment. The Stacked Locking Hole allows the use of both 3.5 Cortical Screws with limited angulation (7 degrees) and Standard Locking Screws having full angle security through the same round hole. While the mixing of locking and non locking screws in the same fragment is rarely indicated, it can be useful to place a screw outside the angular limitations of the locking hole. This Plate is effective ly a double hybrid in that it includes both locking and DCP holes of two different sizes. Proximal holes are 3.5, distal are 2.7 (2.7 or LS2724** series). LOCKING PANCARPAL ARTHRODESIS The cutaways underneath the plate are designed to offer low contact between plate and bone when using regular cortical screws. In addition they help create an even resistance to bending for easier contouring and reduced stress concentration at the screw holes. Plate profiles on page 362. 152907XLLS Locking Pancarpal Arthrodesis - All 3.5 locking holes £128.75 152907XLL Locking Pancarpal Arthrodesis - All 3.5 locking holes except 2 DCP holes above and below radial carpal bone hole £128.75 152903XLL Locking Pancarpal Arthrodesis - Double hybrid Proximal, 3.5 Distal 2.7 £128.75 3.5MM LOCKING PLATES LPSH3504046 LPSH3505056 LPSH3506066 LPSH3507076 LPSH3508086 LPSH3508126 LPSH3509096 LPSH3510106 LPSH3511116 LPSH3512126 LPSH3513136 LPSH3514146 LPSH3515156 LPSH3516166 LPSH3517176 LPSH3518186 LS35PSET 3.5mm Locking Plate 46mm 4 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 56mm 5 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 66mm 6 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 76mm 7 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 86mm 8 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 126mm 8 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 96mm 9 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 106mm 10 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 116mm 11 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 126mm 12 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 136mm 13 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 146mm 14 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 156mm 15 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 166mm 16 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 176mm 17 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate 186mm 18 Hole 3.5mm Locking Plate Set £43.78 £45.32 £47.38 £49.44 £51.50 £59.74 £53.56 £55.62 £57.68 £59.75 £61.80 £63.86 £65.92 £67.98 £70.04 £72.10 £818.85 115