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Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Internal Fixation15 3 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Copenhagen Plate Assistant Screw Salvage Kit This device was developed in association with our Danish Distributor, hence the name. The device has two functions: 1. M  anipulation of bone fragments. 2. Temporary stabilisation of plate fragment constructs prior to screw placement. 1. Removal of embedded screws can be a challenge particularly when fatigue and fracture leaves a headless portion of screw in situ exactly where a replacement is necessary. Ideally the screw should be removed without creating so much damage that a replacement cannot be set. The VI Screw Salvage Set contains all the tools you might need for 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 6.5mm screws. 2.7mm can also be extracted but leaves a big hole. 2. A loan set is also available. The charge is for 7 days rental and includes a return collection by courier. All losses and breakages will be charged accordingly. Mainland UK only. SCREW SALVAGE KIT  SCSKIT SCSKITLOAN Full Screw Salvage Kit Full Screw Salvage Kit - Loan £2,008.50 £150.00 3. Screw Extraction Trephine 5. 4. Once the head of a screw has become detached the shaft can be very difficult to extract, particularly when the screw has been in situ for some time. The Screw Extraction Trephine is designed to ‘core out’ the screw shaft either in its entirety or partially to allow the screw to be grasped by extraction forceps. The internal diameter is a little larger than the screw to be extracted. The external diameter is small enough in most cases to allow the replacement of the screw by a larger one.The Trephine fits directly into a Jacobs Chuck. A small diameter threaded wire, smaller than the anticipated pilot hole for the final screw, is placed through the plate hole into the bone fragment. The closed Plate Assistant is slid down the wire and the wire is bent over the end of the Plate Assistant, the bend acting as a location point for distraction. The two parts of the Plate Assistant are then unscrewed and as the two ends of the device separate the bone fragment is pulled up to the plate. Further unscrewing will temporarily fix the plate to the bone allowing screw fixation elsewhere in the Plate. Removal of the wire and Plate Assistant allows placement of a screw through the hole involved. The small diameter of the wire does not compromise the pilot hole for the Screw. COPENHAGEN PLATE ASSISTANT COPENSET COPEN16 COPENPTWIRE Copenhagen Plate Assistant Set of 2 plus Set of 10 x 1.6mm Part Threaded Wires Copenhagen Plate Assistant (Single) Part Threaded Wires Set of 10 x 1.6mm £195.00 £95.00 £60.00 SCREW EXTRACTION TREPHINES SCET20 SCET24 SCET27 SCET35 SCET45 SCETSET 105 Extraction Trephine for 2.0 Screws o/d 2.7mm £52.50 Extraction Trephine for 2.4 Screws o/d 3.5mm £52.50 Extraction Trephine for 2.7 Screws o/d 3.5mm £52.50 Extraction Trephine for 3.5 Screws o/d 4.5mm £52.50 Extraction Trephine for 4.5 Screws o/d 5.5mm £52.50 Extraction Trephine Set (one of each in a free Steel Case) £231.75