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15Internal 3 Dental Equipment Fixation & Instrumentation Insert Sleeves Countersinks If the screw is destined to screw down onto the surface of the bone without a plate, it is helpful to contour the top of the screw hole to fit the screw head. This procedure is especially important when lag screwing relatively small fragments. Failure to countersink may lead to fracture of the bone fragment. Our premium countersinks provide best fit to screw head when using AO type screws. Drill Sleeves centre smaller drills in the placement of lag screws. INSERT SLEEVES SL2015 SL2418 SL2720 SL3520 SL3525 SL3527 SL4532 SL5540 SL6545 Insert Sleeve 2.0mm o/d 1.5mm i/d Insert Sleeve 2.4mm o/d 1.8mm i/d Insert Sleeve 2.7mm o/d 2.0mm i/d Insert Sleeve 3.5mm o/d 2.0mm i/d Insert Sleeve 3.5mm o/d 2.5mm i/d Insert Sleeve 3.5mm o/d 2.7mm i/d Insert Sleeve 4.5mm o/d 3.2mm i/d Insert Sleeve 5.5mm o/d 4.0mm i/d Insert Sleeve 6.5mm o/d 4.5mm i/d www.vetinst.com £44.50 £44.50 £44.50 £44.50 £44.50 £44.50 £44.50 £44.50 £44.50 COUNTERSINKS - DENTAL FIT COUDEN DC20 Mini Countersink Dental Fit for 1.5/ 2.0mm Screws 55mm £84.98 Dental Fit Handle £159.65 COUNTERSINKS - AO QUICK COUPLING COU2535 COU4565 QRCS01F Tissue Protection Sleeves Small Countersink AO Quick Fit Coupling 70mm 2.7/3.5 Large Countersink AO Quick Fit Coupling 130mm 4.5 Quick Release Handle - Teflon Type £66.95 £66.95 £125.00 COUNTERSINKS - KNURLED HANDLE / T HANDLE COU1520 Mini Countersink with Handle for 1.5/ 2.0mm Screws COU2535T Small Countersink ‘T’ Handle 2.7/ 3.5 Screws 130mm COU4565T Large Countersink ‘T’ Handle 4.5 Screws 175mm £97.85 £77.25 £77.25 Premium Countersinks Rotating pins, drills and taps will “pick up” soft tissues, skin, muscle, nerve and blood vessels, causing serious damage. Use of tissue protection sleeves minimises such damage. The teeth at the top of the guide locate on the bone whilst the stainless tube provides a barrier between soft tissue and implant equipment. TISSUE PROTECTION SLEEVES TP2020 TP0024 TP0027 TP0035 TP0045 For Drill/ Taps to 2.0mm 90mm For Drill/ Taps to 2.4mm 90mm For Drill/ Taps to 2.7mm 90mm For Drill/ Taps to 3.5mm 90mm For Drill/ Taps to 4.5mm 90mm £65.00 £65.00 £65.00 £65.00 £65.00 Drill Stops Drilling to a pre-measured depth can be a challenge even with a ‘C’ arm! A more reasonably priced option is to use a drill stop which is tightened onto the drill bit at the required depth. The Set includes 4 Stops to cover all the standard drill sizes. Premium Countersinks The drawbacks of using standard countersinks is that cone shaped recesses are created that only allow point contact with the hemi-spherical underside of AO type screw. This may contribute to premature screw loosening and in some cases the wedge effect created may predispose to split propagation from the hole. Optimal screw stability and force transfer is only achieved if the shape of the countersink recess matches the size and shape of the screw-head. This is achieved with our range of premium countersinks. Available only with AO quick release coupling. 2.0, 2.5, 2.7, 3.2, 3.5 & 4.5mm The stop is tightened onto the drill bit using the hex driver provided. COUNTERSINKS - PREMIUM COUPREM20 COUPREM2427 COUPREM3540 COUPREM4565 Photo: Jean-Beniot Lefebvre DRILL STOPS DRILLSTOP Drill Stop Set in Stainless Case £98.00 102 Premium Countersink 2.0mm AO Quick Fit Coupling Premium Countersink 2.4/ 2.7mm AO Quick Fit Coupling Premium Countersink 3.5/ 4.0mm AO Quick Fit Coupling Premium Countersink 4.5/ 6.5mm AO Quick Fit Coupling £85.00 £85.00 £85.00 £85.00