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15Internal 3 Dental Equipment Fixation & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Canine Pantarsal Plate with T-4 Slot - Titanium Titanium is far more biocompatible then stainless steel. It is also more resistant to infection, so these plates would be the plate of choice if there is any infection or potential infection at the arthrodesis site. CANINE PANTARSAL ARTHRODESIS PLATE T4 SLOT TITANIUM 152913-T4TI 2.7/3.5 Canine Pantarsal Arthrodesis T4 Slot Left Titanium £298.70 152914-T4TI 2.7/3.5 Canine Pantarsal Arthrodesis T4 Slot Right Titanium £298.70 Hindlimb Salvage From time to time we receive enquiries for pantarsal arthrodesis plates with an extended proximal arm for managing trauma or tumors. The images below show a custom pantarsal arthrodesis plate we created for Toby Gemmill and incorporating a trabecular tantalum block. HINDLIMB SALVAGE PLATES 152917-T4XL Feline (120°) hindlimb salvage plate 2.0/2.7 left 152918-T4XL Feline (120°) hindlimb salvage plate 2.0/2.7 right 152913-T4XL Canine (140°) hindlimb salvage plate 2.7/3.5 left 152914-T4XL Canine (140°) hindlimb salvage plate 2.7/3.5 right Site specific implants for these challenging cases have not been available off the shelf and turn-around times have often been too great for interim management whilst custom implants are manufactured. Alternative solutions are often less than ideal and include complicated external fixation frames, elective limb shortening to use standard implants or double plating. Our hindlimb salvage project aims to develop a range of stock implants to provide more eloquent and functional solutions for these patients. If you cannot find the plate that you need here, please contact our office as this is an active area of development and we may already have something suitable in stock and ready for dispatch or something that can be modified to work for you. See profiles on page 372. 96 £185.00 £185.00 £185.00 £185.00