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Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Internal Fixation15 3 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Hybrid Arthrodesis Plates DCP Style Pancarpal Arthrodesis Plates Pancarpal Arthrodesis Plates Pancarpal arthrodesis is a common salvage procedure in veterinary orthopaedics following hyper-extension injuries. Pancarpal arthrodesis plates in DCP style are our most popular, we have therefore extended the range the furthest. This year we have brought out a new 1.0mm/1.5mm hybrid size (152970) for patients around the 1kg mark and a new 2.0/2.7 size (152902) which should suit many slender boned patients around 10-15kg in weight. 152902 is a slightly thicker profile than the shorter 2.0/2.7mm plates to compensate for the greater span. The top surface is sculpted to facilitate easier closure of soft tissues in patients that typically have very little additional skin to spare. Pancarpal arthrodesis plates achieve both appropriate screw hole spacing and appropriate screw size for the radius, radio-carpal bone and metacarpus (typically the third metacarpal bone). Most of these plates are hybrids with smaller screw holes for the metacarpus and larger screw holes for the radius and radio-carpal bone. Standard plates that are small enough to fit the metacarpus will not normally have the strength to bridge the carpus. Standard plates which are sufficiently strong may be too stiff in the metatarsal region and predispose to fracture at the end of the plate; they may also be excessively bulky making skin closure more challenging. Despite being the compression side of the carpus, a dorsal approach is significantly less invasive than a plantar approach.VI pancarpal arthrodesis plates are designed for dorsal application. PANCARPAL ARTHRODESIS PLATES DCP STYLE Our pancarpal arthrodesis plates take all of these considerations into account creating a plate with: Many of our plate now also feature proximal thinning to remove the large step at the pro ximal end of the plate and reduce the magnitude of the stress riser effect that may contribute to radial fracture. 152970 152911 152911XL 152902 152912 152912XL 152905 152905XL 152903 152903XL 152907 152907XL 152909 As a particular VI speciality, we have the most comprehensive range of pancarpal arthrodesis plates on the market. The addition of two new sizes and solutions to suit nearly every cat and dog. See plate profiles on page 371. • Appropriate sized and spaced screw-holes proximally • Appropriate sized and spaced screw-holes distally • Sufficient strength through the mid-portion • Thinning to the distal portion reducing stress riser effects and aiding skin closure • An offset incorporated into the underside of the plate to automatically create and angle of around 5˚ 1.0/1.5mm Compression Arthrodesis Plate 1.5/2.0mm Compression Arthrodesis Plate 1.5/2.0mm Compression Extended Length 2.0/2.7mm Compression Arthrodesis Plate 2.0/2.0mm Compression Arthrodesis Plate 2.0/2.0mm Compression Extended Length 2.0/2.7mm Compression Arthrodesis Plate 2.0/2.7mm Compression Extended Length 2.7/3.5mm Compression Arthrodesis Plate 2.7/3.5mm Compression Extended Length 3.5/3.5mm Compression Arthrodesis Plate 3.5/3.5mm Compression Extended Length 3.5/4.5mm Pancarpal Arthrodesis Plate 185mm £72.10 £64.38 £66.95 £72.10 £66.95 £69.53 £69.53 £72.10 £72.10 £74.68 £77.25 £82.40 £159.65 Current advice is to achieve at least 50% coverage of the metacarpal segment with up to 75% being preferable. Locking Pancarpal Arthrodesis Plates Round Hole Pancarpal Arthrodesis Plates Our locking pancarpal arthrodesis plates were developed following a lively debate at a BVOA scientific meeting on the merits of incorporating locking screws into pancarpal arthrodesis plates five years ago. The three plates in the current range offer a variety of hole combinations. The jury is still out on the optimal hole configuration with all three proving popular. We welcome feedback from surgeons on these and any comments from surgeons who would like to see us extend this range. Offer good screw-plate security, but no facility for generating compression. PANCARPAL ARTHRODESIS PLATES ROUND HOLES 152906 152904 152904XL 152908 HDCADVD 2.0/2.7mm Arthrodesis Plate Round Holes 2.7/3.5mm Arthrodesis Plate Round Holes 2.7/3.5mm Arthrodesis Plate Round Holes Extended Length 3.5/3.5mm Arthrodesis Plate Round Holes Carpal Arthrodesis Technique DVD. Hamish Denny LOCKING PANCARPAL ARTHRODESIS £51.50 £51.50 £56.65 £51.50 £51.50 152907XLLS Locking Pancarpal Arthrodesis - All 3.5 locking holes £128.75 152907XLL Locking Pancarpal Arthrodesis - All 3.5 locking holes except 2 DCP holes above and below radial carpal bone hole £128.75 152903XLL Locking Pancarpal Arthrodesis - Double hybrid, Proximal 3.5, Distal 2.7 £128.75 91