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iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Dental Instruments for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. The iM3 soft tissue kit is an ideal set of instruments for reducing and leveling molar and incisor teeth. Complete set 1 1) Diamond Disc Cutter 22 mm, coated on both sides with HP mandrel NEW Cat. No D2245 1:1 LED Advantage Straight Nose Cone The 1:1 LED Advantage fits any low speed motor or electric micromotor •  Self generated LED white daylight, produced by the drive shaft of the low speed air motor or electric micromotor •   Large illumination area providing outstanding visibility •   Coolant delivery tube, removable/adjustable sterile coolant to any bur length •   Ideal for rabbit dentistry and orthopaedic work. Autoclavable. Takes HP burs and 3/32” drills D2200 2) Safety Shield D2220 Fits L6860. Safety shield for diamond disc, stainless steel 3) Soft Tissue Protector D2230 Fits L6860. The soft tissue protector guards the tongue and cheeks by exposing only the bottom cutting surface of the diamond bur when used on cheek teeth. Photo courtesy of Jan Bellows, DVM, Dipl. AVDC, ABVP 2 4) Long Cutting HP Bur D2235 Diamond bur X-Long 60 mm. Diamond cleaning stone available (D9750) Soft Tissue Protector and Diamond Disc Safety Shield Light in the mouth! L7800 We purchased your LED Advantage Straight Nose Cone and the L6200 Low Speed Motor to fit our countertop dental unit. This nose cone has increased our ability to perform dental procedures on our smaller pocket pets. The LED light allows the veterinarian to easily visualize the molar teeth and the varying sizes of burs help to rapidly improve the occlusion on the cheek teeth. It has dramatically cut the time needed for these procedures. We couldn’t be happier with this unit and recommend it to anyone doing pocket pet dentistry!” Mary L. Berg BS, RLATG, RVT, VTS(Dentistry) 3 4 The above items fit a straight nose cone 1:1 (Blue) fitted to a low speed motor. (shown below). 5) Straight Nose Cone 1:1 (Blue) Straight Nose Cone 1:1 ratio (blue) use HP burs for rabbit and orthopaedic work. Autoclavable. L6860 All parts are available separately. iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Coolant delivery tube, removable/adjustable to any bur length. LED light 5 Leporidae Skull Model iM3’s new Leporidae skull model allows you to observe the tooth and root pattern of a typical rabbit and demonstrate to your clients why a procedure is necessary and what will be involved. Also included with the model is an education card. The card is double sided and shows the location of the nasolacrimal duct. The other side shows teeth location, name and numbering for easy identification. Cat. No D1070 HP Burs suitable for rabbit dentistry Fits any straight nose cone HP fitting. Diamond bur X-long 60mm, can be used with or without D2230 soft tissue protector. The diamond bur is less likely to cut soft tissue. Narrow Conical HP Bur for Rabbits The carbide bur is suitable for levelling molar teeth. Care is needed with the soft tissue. Does not fit D2230. Soft Tissue Protector. Large Tubular HP Bur for Rabbits Actual size The large carbide bur is suitable for levelling molar teeth. Care is needed with the soft tissue. Does not fit D2230. D2235 D9550 D9555 Model size 9cm x 4.5cm x 5.5cm (3 1/2” x 1 3/4” x 2.2”) Card size 16.5cm x 13cm (6 1/2” x 5 1/4”) Long cutting HP Diamond Bur