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Specifically designed for the removal of premolar and molar teeth in rabbits. The forcep jaws are narrow and angled at 100 degrees to improve access to the cheek teeth. Cat. No D1029 TTMG - Table Top Mouth Gag (Rabbit/Rodent) The TTMG was designed by iM3 with the help of specialists to hold the anaesthetised rabbit or rodent in the best possible position for examination and treatment of the oral cavity without assistance. • Adjustable height stainless steel gags to suit any size rabbit or rodent • Adjustable table height ensures the best viewing angle of the oral cavity • Washable silicon pad under the patient reduces heat loss and is easy to clean • The complete TTMG is easy to clean and autoclavable • Quality components and innovative design for ease of use. Optional Heater Pad •  Temperature controlled silicon heater pad further minimises body temperature loss. Supplied complete with low voltage power supply with international approvals. •  LED Light for improved illumination of the oral cavity. See T2200 below. Table Top Mouth Gag (Rabbit/Rodent) Cat. No T2000 Orange heated silicon pad & transformer T2100 Cheek Teeth Extraction Forceps (Molar Teeth) iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Unique iM3 Design Incisor Luxator for labial and lingual/palatal tooth aspects The luxators are used to cut the periodontal ligament and expanding the alveolus by inserting the sharp instrument into the socket. Both incisor luxators are needed to extract the upper and lower incisors. Cat. No D1075 D1075 in use - Lower Incisors D1076 D1076 in use - Upper Incisors The TTMG is also suitable for oral surgery! 8 piece complete set in zipper case . Each instrument is individually available. Cat. No D1034 LED Light 1 watt bright white LED light with 30cm flexible neck. Contains: Incisor Luxator Molar Luxator Spatula Cheek Dilator - Small Cheek Dilator - Large Rodent Wire Mouth Gag Rodent Mouth Gag Cheek Teeth Extraction Forceps (Molar Teeth) This instrument set was developed with the help of Dr David Vella BSc BVSc (Hons) Diplomate ABVP (Exotic Companion Mammals). D1026 D1027 D1028 D1030 D1031 D1032 D1033 D1029 The LED light is ideal for illuminating the oral cavity during rabbit dentistry. The flexible 30cm neck allows the bright light to be easily focused on the area of interest. The LED light is also suitable for the consulting room and surgery where a bright white light is needed. The LED light is supplied with a 110 – 240v transformer and 3m long power cord. Cat. No T2200 8 Piece Complete Rabbit and Rodent Kit