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iM3 Practical Products About iM3 Corporate HQ - Sydney, Australia Resuscitators • • • • • • • Available in small and large Constructed from long life PVC Oxygen or anaesthetic gas entry inlet 2 non-return valves allow you to ventilate with oxygen, anaesthetic or air Patient port 22 mm O.D - fits anaesthetic mask and endotracheal Pressure relief 20 cmH 2 O + - 5 cmH 2 O Maximum stroke rate: Small 250ml and Large 900ml Small for Dogs and Cats Cat. No R2001 Large for foals and calves R2002 iM3 is a family owned veterinary Dental Company established in Sydney Australia over 28 years ago. In that time, iM3 has grown to become a leading veterinary dental company setting the standard in product innovation, industry firsts and continuing education. From its three locations in Sydney Australia, Vancouver WA, USA and Co Meath , Ireland (Europe), iM3 supplies veterinarians throughout the world with high quality yet affordable veterinary dental products. Flushing Curette Remove impacted faeces in Dogs and Cats using an iM3 faecal flushing Curette • Stainless Steel construction, autoclavable and a proven design in practice use for over 30 years • Reduces anaesthesia time • 2 litre refillable fluid bag • Gravity flow with a control valve • Allows the optimum solution to be used • Makes an unpleasant task easy • Depth markings on curette DISCOVER THE iM3 DIFFERENCE! iM3 Inc, - Vancouver WA, USA Cat. No T3000 iM3 continues to design, develop and manufacture the latest veterinary dental machines, instruments, X-rays and dental consumables. Our large involvement in CE throughout the world means the iM3 staff responsible for the development of new products also know how to use them! iM3 prides itself on providing the best possible after sales and customer technical support in the industry. T3000 -The complete system Our dental only focus and the fact that iM3 manufacturers its own dental machines at our three locations means you are dealing with knowledgeable / experienced people who can offer you sound advice. You can have confidence knowing that leading dental specialists worldwide use and recommend iM3 products. iM3 Dental Limited - Co Meath, Ireland iM3 Anaesthetic Masks The iM3 name is your guarantee of quality veterinary specific dental products coupled with the very best aftersales support and warranty in the industry. Discover the difference! Unbreakable, see-through low dead space anaesthetic masks. Designed in australia by iM3 available in 5 sizes with replaceable soft diaphragms. Cat. No Anaesthetic Mask - Bird/Rodent D1940 Anaesthetic Mask - Cat D1930 Anaesthetic Mask - Small Dog D1920 Anaesthetic Mask - Large Dog D1890 Anaesthetic Mask - Long Nose Dog D1870 5 piece set D1910 Yours Sincerely, The iM3 Team!