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iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment CR7 Vet Dental X-Ray “You’d be hard placed to find another piece of equipment that ticks those elusive three boxes of good investment more effectively.” 3 Dramatically improves patient care and decision making 3 Delivers solid profit 3 Does not need a specialist level of training to deploy iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Dr Dave Nicol, MRCVS. Dental Radiographs reveal underlying pathology Intraoral radiographs have revealed underlying pathology in: 2.3 Size 0 Lower mandible of small breed dog Size 2 Feline lower incisors and canines Rabbit molars - Intra Oral Unsurpassed high resolution 25 lp/mm, Laser spot 12,5um, 1270dpi • Scans a range of intra oral plates from 0 – 5 • Specially designed rabbit image plates available • Fast processing times (12 seconds - size 2) • Vet dental specific software • 10 network licenses • 2 year warranty • iM3 factory direct technical support CR 7 VET image plate x-ray scanner complete with software and size 2 & 4 plates 3 0 1 • • • • • • • • • • The CR7 Vet system includes: • CR7 image plate scanner and Vet-Exam software • 10 Network licences and PACS functionality • Size 2 (4pc) and size 4 (1pc) imaging plates • 300 size 2 and 100 size 4 barrier sleeves • 2 year warranty with ongoing iM3 Technical Support • Protective dust cover It’s the range of Plate Sizes and Image Quality that makes the difference! Excellent quality, superior resolution images via Vet-Exam software Can be networked acros 10 PCs in the practice Full DICOM compliance ensures easy export of data Incredibly compact at 23cm x 24cm. Only 6kg. Unique design protects unit and radiographs from dust, hair and particles that can reduce image quality Easily removed plate feeder for cleaning Plate feeder accepts all image plate sizes without the need to change loading cradles - unlike other systems Largest range of plate shapes Precision German manufacture with full 2 year warranty iM3 techincal support 5 4 The CR7 Vet has the largest range of high resolution image plates including sizes 0,1,2,3,4,5 & specially shaped intra oral plates for rabbits! 2 With DR systems you are often limited to size 2 only! Unlike CR plates that are thin and flexible the size 2 DR sensor is bulky, often too large for cats or small dogs mouths and not large enough for medium to large dogs, resulting in multiple radiographs being required to achieve a full mouth serie 20vV26RFVWFFR 2@P`FR5#r2rFR66R6Bs5#rfWBFR&V6&FvF&vrf fWFW&'FVF7G'6RB6R66fGFRǒ66W 7W'&VFǒf&Rv&BЧvFRvFG&&FW0f"&&&G06P26FP"626А"6B6А26B6А"r6RB6АRr6rR6АRr6B6А6&&&BFR6W@sss#s3sCsSscPfRW6VBV&W"bE"77FV2FR7B&FfWFW&'BV&7F6R6666&F@vV&'WBvVBfRF6FBFR&W7VG2BvRVƗGFBvWGFrvFFR25#rfWB2FR&W7B6f"FRGfFvW2bFR5#rfWBfW"FW"E"77FV2vVW6VBFRfWFW&'Vf&VB6VFRVVR&vR`FR6W2g&6RWF6RRv66fW'2WG2g&6F&vRFW&R2WfVG&&FRf"&&&G2( ФG"F6f%e62$E625e6247W&vW'BfWFW&'FVF7G'&VfW&V6W3"fW'7G&WFRdWBFv7F2fVRbgVWF&Fw&6G2fWB&W2Sbc.( 3R2fW'7G&WFRdWBFv7F2fVRbgVWF&Fw&Fw2fWB&W2Sbcn( 3( 5#r6RRvRFR7GV6PFR5#~( 2vRVƗG2VF6VBfr6RB7"FW2FFFF6W"FW2W2F2&GV7B7WW&"FFvF6WFVBFVF&Fw&77FV( ФG"WFW"&VFW"FGBG"VBfWBFdD2UdD0762&fW76"bFVF7G'B&7W&vW'VfW'6GbV7f66bfWFW&'VF6PGVFfR6gGv&Rf"V6BV7W&FFR7Vv7F6ǒFW6vVBBFWfVVB5#rfWB6gGv&RffW'26RV7FW6RFW&f6PFR&7F6Rg&VFǒfWB7V6f26gGv&Rw2V7FVFf6FbvW"B7V6f72WfVFbvRFv62BFVB&W'G26WFRvF&Fw&2W6rFR6VbWF'7Fw&2FR6'&V7BW֖F&WFW'26&RV6ǒ66VF2FFRfW&ƗGbFRvRFW2FV"Ɩ6F2V7BvF6V6G2gFW"FPW7W&RFWFVBvW26&RFW'&WFVB67&VVgVD46Ɩ6Rw2V7W'B`FFF&VFRƖ6F2D46VBF( #rRbFw2vW&R&&fFw2vW&RfVB&W֖FCrRb6G2vW&R&&fFw2vW&RfVB&W֖F( (