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Your iM3 Workstation iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Size Matters – iM3 Dental X-Ray Canine & Feline Positioning Guide iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Built to last, easy to maintain and service. Unique features to easily maintain your iM3 Workstation: • Colour coded delivery system aids in fast fault diagnosis or simple replacement by you in your hospital • Maintenance instructions printed on the chassis of the GS, elite and Pro 2000 machines for quick reference • New low maintenance oil free quiet compressor designed by iM3 to provide oil free air to the dental machine with handy aluminium cover for storing footpedals when not in use • Ergonomically designed iM3 low and high speed dental handpieces have been developed specifically for the veterinarian. The design makes changing a prophy cup or dental bur straight forward and will result in a longer working life of the handpiece • Manuals available on cd or downloaded via the web www.im3vet.com • Cartridge valves – the toggle valves on all iM3 units use a unique cartridge system allowing the operator to replace the valves quickly, should it become necessary with no down time, another industry first! Warranties iM3 products have been manufactured with great care by highly qualified technicians using a wide variety of tests and controls designed to ensure faultless operation. To maintain a high standard of quality control, every dental system sold by iM3 is thoroughly tested and operated complete with the hand pieces and coolant before it is packaged for delivery. The quality of workmanship and unique design features used to build every iM3 are so good that our range of dental machines now carry a war ranty which is setting new standards within the veterinary dental industry. Up to 5 years for our range of air driven dental machines. At iM3 , our reputation and passion is your guarantee of advanced technology, unique features and quality workmanship. We design them, we build them and we service them. We know your iM3 workstation inside and out. iM3 has designed a new technique to achieve a full mouth series of dental radiographs for every patient. The new technique “Magic 6” allows you to achieve a full mouth series on a medium to large dog or cat in less than 5 minutes with just 6 x-rays. It’is that simple! With this new technique there are only three angles you need to use, 30°,45° & 55° and the iM3 Dental X-Ray positioning kit includes these angled guides and plate holders. FREE Technical Support is included with every iM3 Dental Workstation The relationship with our customers is of the utmost importance to us, to ensure that our products are performing to a standard we’re proud to offer. The iM3 Superior Technical Support Team comes FREE with every iM3 dental workstation or iM3 product. We have had the occasion to call on your service staff for advice and repairs regarding our dental machine. In every case, your staff have been very knowledgeable and provided assistance with patience and courtesy.You should be congratulated for outstanding service to your clients and we will continue to deal exclusively with you for our dental machine requirements.” Peter Roche, Ferny Grove Veterinary Surgery DR Sensor - Size 2 Size 3.2 CR Plate (“True” 4C) Size 5 CR Plate (Actual Size) - only for the iM3 CR7 VET IMPROVED iM3 X-Ray Positioning Kit for Cats and Dogs Our technical support team will continue to look after your dental system and all questions regarding handpieces, operational issues or maintenance long after you’ve taken delivery. We will help you to achieve the most out of your iM3 workstation and make veterinary dentistry a rewarding part of your day. Call us anytime during business hours on our ‘Tech Support Line’ and we’ll take care of all your needs or email us with your query and we’ll get back to you promptly USA 1 800 664 6348* info@im3usa.com AUS +61 2 9420 5766* sales@im3vet.com Ireland +353 (0)16911277* sales@im3dental.com Direct: UK +44 (0)1423 224297* sales@im3dental.com *During Normal Business Hours Polycarbonate Bite Protectors for Size 2, Size 4, and Size 5 Image Plates Feline Positioners 30°, 45° and 55° angles to give perfect distance and angle for full mouth X-rays in cats Canine Positioners New longer 45° and 55° angles to give perfect distance and angle for full mouth X-rays in dogs iM3 Bi-secting Angle guide for more advanced dental X-ray projections Cat. No X8500 Canine and Feline Positioning Guide Wall Posters X-Ray Bisecting Angle Guide and Instructions The bisecting angle guide provides a simple approach to achieving dental x-ray images. The guide is supplied with notes and diagrams. Cat. No X8000 Technical Support Forget trying to use a size 2 DR sensor to x-ray a full mouth in a dog. DR technology has limitations in veterinary dentistry, most notably the small size of the #2 sensor compared to the large size 5 as illustrated. DR sensors are also fragile and expensive to replace. CR plates have a long life and are low cost. The large format CR size 4 and 5 dental plates combined with the positioning guide make it possible to substantially reduce the number of x-rays required for a full mouth series in any animal.