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iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Features and Benefits of the iM3 elite Dental Unit iM3 elite LED Dental Unit iM3 has developed a variable suction dental unit that is totally autoclavable. The suction tips, handpiece and smooth bore suction tubing can be easily removed and autoclaved. The elite dental system features advanced LED light in the high speed drill, automatic handpiece activators and the only fully autoclavable air driven dental suction in the industry. The suction waste is collected in a 1L container with a replacable filter. Easily accessible and not hidden out of sight! A separate footpedal operates the suction, allowing it´s use in conjunction with the high speed drill or 3 way water/air syringe. Because it´s fully autoclavable it can also be used in surgery. The iM3 designed magnetic bur holder prevents burs from falling on the ground. The burs are held in place right where you need them. The Corian® surface is impervious to bacteria and easy to clean unlike fibreglass and plastics. Oscillating Prophy angles & iM3 2pc Low speed The quality of the handpieces and iM3´s unique features ensures the elite dental machine is regarded as the number one in the industry. The iM3 elite comes with: • Suction • 3 way syringe (air, water and mist) • Low Speed handpiece • High speed LED handpiece with swivel - excellent ergonomics (see page 30) Autoclavable Suction The dental machine chassis is made from aluminium with hospital grade powdercoating. The machine control &B6VG2&R6fW&VB'gVRV"v'&GFRVƗFRvFG2'VBT2vW&&&BB6BWFWBw2f"FRV7FVw&FbVG&6266W"TBGfFvR7vfV2GV6RW6VVBW&v֖722v"vFW"7&vPFRVƗFR6&R7WƖVBvFVvBFW7F&RS6Ғr&V6S6ҒWVF0v&FR&w2FR6RF&R7F&VBv7BFRvBWFVFVBFFPVBbFRvWBF&Rf"W6RFR"ƖRBVV7G&6Gf"FRFVF6R&R6FVBFR&&VfpVV6W76'6&W2g&FRw&VB26W2&RfGFVBvFr7VVBF"B7vfVC7G&vB6R6P42f"Ɨ6r'&br7VVBGF6VG2f"&&&BFVF7G''FVF70B&W7F&FfRFVF7G'&Rf&RBWFF2GV6R7vF6W2&RFR6R22FWfVVBWVF07vF6vFVV7G&2'G2FR7vF66&R&W6VB6V6G2ffW&rV6R`֖BFR7vF6&VfW2FRVVBFVǒ6VV7BFRv"r7VV@GV6Rঔ2VƗFRTBvFg&VR6&W76 2VƗFRTBvFg&VP6&W76 6BS3S6BS3SFR2C""VG&6266W"7GW&VB '&Bb66W"6&R6V7FVBFFPvFW"BvW"7Wǒb2FVF6RFRFVF6R26Vb6ЧFVBBǒRvW"6&B2&WV&V@FvW"FR6RBVG&6266W"