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iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment iM3 GS Deluxe LED Dental Unit Features and Benefits of the GS Deluxe LED Dental Unit The GS Deluxe LED is a complete dental system with advanced features not found on any other dental machine. The industry first self generating LED light Advantage high speed swivel handpiece removes the need for troublesome fibre optic wiring, expensive krypton bulbs, switches and transformer. The low speed handpiece and nose cone swivels for comfort and reduces strain on the hand. The GS Deluxe is fitted with two coolant bottles. One for the CLS solution and the other for water. Maintenance instructions are printed on the back of the machine right where you need them. The iM3 GS Deluxe LED sets the standard for veterinary dental machines. The GS Deluxe LED is a complete dental system with advanced features not found on any other dental machine. Quality handpieces coupled with a 5 year dental machine and oil free crompressor warranty provides peace of mind. iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment The GS Deluxe LED is supplied with the following high quality handpieces: • High speed swivel LED handpiece • 3 way syringe (air, water and mist) • Low speed handpiece In addition to the standard features found on the GSD LED the new SW range includes water on the Low Speed handpiece. Stainless steel adjustable height instrument tray. The SW machine is supplied with a Low Speed Motor (with forward and reverse) and 1:1 LED contra angle handpiece with water. Recommended by some European specialists for remov- ing bone. LED Advantage Swivel High Speed Handpiece. Excellent ergonomics. NEW GS Deluxe LED SW (Slow Speed Water) Range The SW machine also includes the 4:1 straight nose cone for polishing (L6250 p32). Stainless steel instrument tray provides added storage and the ideal location. The stainless steel instrument tray is height adjustable and removable. The iM3 designed magnetic bur holder prevents burs from falling on the ground, they are held in place right where you need them. The Corian® surface is impervious to bacteria and easy to clean unlike fibreglass and plastics. Oscillating Prophy angles won’t catch muzzle hair. Air water syringe delivering water / CLS solution and air. The machine features an adjustable coolant flow valve allowing the user to regulate the amount of coolant from the high speed handpiece. All iM3 toggles, buttons and auto HP valves can be changed in seconds due to the cartridge valve system used by iM3. This advanced feature allows for the quick cleaning and replacement of valves reducing machine down time and loss of revenue. LED High Speed Handpiece Illumination Light in the mouth is a must! The new LED Advantage high speed swivel handpiece is the most advanced in the world. It requires no electricity, just air to produce the brightest daylight quality LED white light in the industry with the largest illumination area. Triple coolant spray provides necessary cooling of the tooth and bur. The patented hygiene head helps to eliminate bacterial suckback and cross contamination. iM3 developed the first oil free compressor fitted to a dental machine with suction. Oil free technology eliminates the risk of oil contaminates entering the air supply of the dental machine. It also greatly reduces the maintenance regime. The compressor footprint is 51 x 53cm (20 x 21”). The oil free motor generates less heat and is therefore more reliable than conventional oil compressors. The covered compressor makes cleaning a breeze. iM3´s unique technology means the compressor air is cooled on the way to the dental machine. The side of the compressor is left open to allow adequate ventilation, no continuous running fans are required. Large diameter hospital grade casters make moving the dental machine simple and easy. iM3 GS Deluxe LED with Oil Free Compressor Cat. No U3019 iM3 GS Deluxe LED with oil free compressor iM3 GS Deluxe LED SW (Slow speed with water cooling) * Not available in all countries. Cat. No U3019 Cat. No U3019SW Three way (air, water and mist) syringe is a useful instrument for washing away debris from the mouth. The tip is removable and autoclavable and can be rotated 360 degrees. The use of CLS in the dental machine allows easy application of chlorhexidine into the mouth during dental procedures.