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iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment iM3 GS Deluxe Dental Unit Features and Benefits of the iM3 GS Deluxe Dental Unit The GS Deluxe is a complete dental system with endless surgical options. The GS Deluxe is a complete dental system. It includes a quality push button high speed handpiece with water cooling for fast sectioning of teeth, a 3-way air water syringe with the ability to select either water or CLS, and a low speed handpiece for polishing using iM3 R&R oscillating prophy angles that wont wind up muzzle hair. An optional 1:1 SNC with or without light can be fitted. These attachments accept a wide range of HP burs and have a variety of uses. Three way (air, water and mist) syringe is a useful instrument for washing away debris from the mouth. The tip is removable and autoclavable and can be rotated 360 degrees. The use of CLS in the dental machine allows for easy application of chlorhexidine into the mouth during dental procedures. The GS Deluxe can be upgraded at a later stage to include LED light on the high speed handpiece - a must for veterinary dentistry! iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment 3 Way syringe - ideal for washing away prophy paste and debris The Advantage High Speed handpiece (non LED) has a triple coolant spray for improved cooling of the treatment site and removal of debris. the handpiece features a patented hygenic head system preventing aerosol particles from being sucked up into the turbine. The handpiece rotates at up to 400,000 RPM making it ideal for the fast sectioning of teeth. iM3 Advantage High Speed handpiece for fast sectioning of teeth and bone removal Low speed polisher with oscillating prophy angles that won’t catch muzzle hair iM3 5 Year warranty with unlimited factory direct technical support The machine features a four way IEC power outlet with switched IEC mains inlet. A spare IEC power cord is supplied with the dental machine so your existing or new ultrasonic scaler can be connected. This reduces the number of power cords on the floor. All iM3 dental units have the maintenance instruction printed on the back of the machine. As staff turnover may occur in the clinic these instructions can be easily referenced to make sure adequate maintenance is being carried out. iM3 GS Deluxe (non LED) with oil free compressor Stainless steel instrument tray provides the added storage and the ideal location for your iM3 dental instruments in an autoclavable tray. The stainless steel instrument tray is height adjustable and removable. Blue autoclavable iM3 instrument tray not included. Cat. No U3012 iM3 GS Deluxe (non LED) with oil free compressor Cat. No U3012 The GS Deluxe dental machine has a two bottle coolant system. The clear bottle is filled with distilled water, while the brown bottle protects the UV light-sensative CLS solution. CLS will help minimise cross contamination when u 6VB&WGvVVFVG2FR7V&֖B6Vv6WFFW'2