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The iM3 PL3 polisher is a user-friendly, stylish, and compact system. The polisher features a built-in digital display for viewing motor rotation speed and offers speed control of 0 to 30,000 RPM. The PL3 comes equipped with Automatic Feedback Control and powerful torque. Cat. No L4200 The iM3 PL3 Includes; Micro-motor, iM3 1:1 straight nose cone, foot pedal and 10 iM3 oscillating disposable prophy cups and paste. •  Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.2cm x 15.5cm X 8.5cm •  Hand piece cable length: 2.5m •  Max Polisher Speed: 30,000 RPM •  iM3 HP dental Burs and contra attachments available iM3 USER, USA iM3 PL3 polisher •  Warranted, sold and serviced by iM3. iM3 SP6 P6 Piezo Scaler and Micromotor Cat. No L4300 The iM3-SP6 combines the latest Piezo P6 technology and micromotor in a compact user friendly design. The power setting for both the scaler and micromotor are easily adjusted via the digital LCD display and the micromotor rotates up to 30,000 rpm. The iM3-SP6 is supplied with a 1:1straight nose cone allowing the system to be used for polishing with the prophy angles supplied and the speed turned down to approximately 4,000 rpm. HP burs available from iM3 can be used in the straight nose cone for cutting and sectioning teeth. iM3-SP6 is supplied with: •  2 universal scaling tips • Footpedal control on/off • Micromotor with E fitting • iM3 1:1 straight nose cone (Blue) starter polishing pack including prophy angles and paste, water line with male QD connector. Optional  ump up water tank with fittings for P standalone use is available from iM3. Cat. No U2010 “ “ Prior to experiencing your handpieces, I had no idea how much easier a surgical extraction could be! iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment