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Cat. No D1146 Rabbits and Rodents Cheek Dilator Long Reach Curved – Medium 40mm D1046 iM3’s rabbit and rodent instruments have been developed with the help of leading veterinary exotic specialists. Cheek Dilator Long Reach Curved – Large 60mm D1047 Cheek Dilator Long Reach Curved – Small 28mm The long reach 40mm cheek dilator is ideal when using long diamond burs to reduce molar teeth. The radius of the paddle provides better access and viewing as it pushes the cheeks away from the molar teeth. iM3’s unique design was developed with the help of Peter Haseler B.Vet.Med. MRCVS. Past president of the British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA) Member of BVDA and EVDS. (not included in D1034 8pc kit) Rodent Wire Mouth Gag D1032 Lightweight design with light spring action. Suitable for chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats and small rabbits. Enhances inspection of oral cavity. Incisor Luxator Used to aid extraction of rabbit incisors. The instrument is used to break down periodontal ligaments on the distal and mesial aspects of the incisor teeth. Molar Luxator iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Cat. No D1026 Rodent Mouth Gag Designed by iM3. The Jaws of the new Rodent mouth gag are covered in soft plastic reducing trauma. This gag is lighter than comparable gags to reduce the weight on the animals jaws. Autoclavable. D1027 Designed for the extraction of rabbit cheek teeth. This instrument is used to break down periodontal ligaments on all four aspects of the premolar and molar teeth. D1033 The coated gags are very “kind” to the teeth and soft tissues - I definitely wouldn’t go back to uncoated gags again. Your gags have a beautifully smooth screw mechanism”. Judy Rochette DVM, FAVD, Dipl AVDC Spatula D1028 Enhances examination of the teeth by repositioning the tongue and cheeks. Features a light weight handle. D1046 and D1033 in use. D1035 Soft plastic coating reducing trauma Suitable for very small mammals where the small cheek dilator is found to be too big. Rabbit Molar Cutters Cheek Dilator – Small D1030 Cheek Dilator – Large D1031 Suitable for smaller mammals such as chinchillas and guinea pigs, enhancing inspection of the oral cavity. Suitable for larger rabbits. D1045 Ideal for trimming excessively long cheek teeth which should then be smoothed off using the extra long diamond bur (Pictured page 8 D2235). By reducing the length with the molar cutters first, this will reduce bur wear and possible thermal injury to the tooth. Care should be taken to avoid tooth fractures and soft tissue damage. Cheek Dilator – X-Small