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LED Advantage Swivel High Speed Handpiece Ideal for clinics who want multiple LED handpieces. This handpiece is powered by the L7400 LED swivel coupling (sold separately) With a colour temperature of 5,500 K the iM3 LED Advantage hand piece produces a radiation spectrum that corresponds to daylight. The high colour rendering index (CRI 90) of the LED enables relaxed work thanks to daylight quality light and provides exceptional reproduction of natural colours and clear colour contrasts in the mouth. Simple bur changing Easy operation of the push button or iM3 yellow iPush LED Advantage Swivel Coupling Cat. No L7400 Self generating LED coupling allows the use of LED handpieces on dental machines without light. No wires required just air from the dental machine Precision cooling Reliable – Efficient – Precise – iM3 Advantage Why iM3 LED light? Cat. No L7200 iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Advantage handpiece + LED coupling with generator = independent light. The intergration of a generator in the swivel coupling (7400) gives you a low-cost option of having multiple LED handpieces (L7200) sterilizable up to 135 degrees celsius The triple spray cools the treatment site from all sides Excellent ergonomics Fatigue -free working thanks to easy 360 degree rotation of the turbine on the coupling, low overall weight and slender design. Unique handpiece design allows component replacement on site by the user Triple coolant spray Small turbine head LED Advantage Swivel High Speed Handpiece Optimal LED position Push-button chucking system New Midi head provides greater access in small mouths, with all the advantages of the iM3 LED handpieces Cat. No L7300 Patented hygenic head system Prevents aerosol particles from being sucked into the turbine • Self generating LED illumination, no electricity – just needs air High torque • Daylight quality bright white light, unlike yellow F/O • Largest illumination area of any dental handpiece • Patented turbine design eliminates bacterial/viral suck back iM3 NEW Advantage High Speed Handpiece - Non LED Cat. No L7100 • Triple Coolant outlet for optimal bur cooling • Push button operation • Patented turbine design eliminates bacterial/viral suck back • Replaceable water filter prevents dirt particles from entering turbine • Autoclavable • Supplied with yellow iPush for easy bur changing • 1 year complete handpiece warranty. Longest turbine and chuck warranty in t RGW7G'( tWF6f&P( uG&R7&6BWFWBf"VffV7FfR'W"6Ɩp( sV"6WFRGV6Rv'&G6VFrFRGW&&RB6V6V66Х&V66Vf7GW&P( 7vfVGV6Rv&VGV6RfFwVRB&VfW2GV6RFV6FPW&F'2w&7@&W6V&RvFW"fFW &WfVG2F'B'F6W2g&VFW&rFRGW&&P( 3c +7vfVvFV6&VV6R6WƖrW6rFRTBvVW&F ( tfG2"G&fVFVF6W2vFfW"R6V7FFRs36VFW2FR#sGV6RBFRsC7vfV6WƖpW6FFRW6FW26W'Fr'W"FW6'WGFGV6R'&VWR6BsW6F&6fG26BS#S3W6FVrfG26BS#2S32ss#fFfRT@vVW&F FVw&FV@&W7V7F7FvFW"fFW ( ( bB6VV2ƖR7V66R66WB'WBRFB6vf6Fǒ&VGV6W2FPVVBFF'VRW"w&7B"67FFǒ&R6FFRGV6RF6WfPFR&&FRvRb&6FFFB6V2&VGV6RFRV`FRvVvBbFR6&BW"w&7N( n( ФƖVBEdФFW&&fWFW&'7F6VGFRtf"S#BS3f"S#2S32sBs#FW6vVBBVf7GW&VB'2T2FVB#sU4FVB#33psS3cFVw&VP7vfV