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Rock and Roll prophy angles are complete, ready to use with a soft rubber prophy cups. The R&R’s are pre-lubricated and iM3’s unique blue colour is your guarantee of the prophy angle lasting a complete procedure. The 90⁰ reciprocating ‘back and forth’ action of the prophy cup prevents the animals muzzle hair from being tangled and allows the cup to have continuous contact and pressure on the tooth surface. The reciprocating action also reduces heat and friction on the tooth. Traditional prophy angles spin 360 deg, wind muzzle hair and generate excessive heat. The iM3 iC Plaque Disclosing Swabs show when plaque is present on the teeth. These applicators are quick and easy to use. By simply rolling the swab gently across the teeth at the gum edge the plaque stains pink to indicate germ-filled layers on the teeth. This is a visible sign of periodontal disease. And it’s there, simple and easy for your client to see. iM3 Twister Disposable Prophy Angle 100/pk Cat. No L7460 iM3 Twister Disposable Prophy cups – Snap on 100/pk . Cat. No P4640 iM3 iClean Prophy Paste Cat. No L7510 CLS Solution 250ml concentrate CLS is a uniquely formulated dental solution designed to reduce bur cutting time and mask mouth odours (spearmint). CLS contains chlorhexidine and can be used in the water supply of any dental machine or ultrasonic scaler. CLS is guaranteed when used at the correct dilution with distilled water not to block the water lines or coolant system. Easy to mix - just add distilled water to make 1L of working solution. Important Note: Products containing chlorhexidine may cause oedema with prolonged oral use. Pack the back of the throat to minimise this risk. CLS Solution 250ml concentrate - single C3150 Guaranteed not to catch hair or whiskers! Also reduces heat/friction The new iM3 twister disposable prophy angles are supplied with a soft ribbed and webbed latex free cup. These premium quality individually packed prophy angles are designed with unique gearing for ultimate smoothness. Guaranteed not to dislodge the cup during use, the cup rotates 360 deg during use. Single use only. • Plaque Indicating Swabs • Plaque is the cause of periodontal disease • Plaque is invisible until stained • Highlights the areas where plaque is present – you will be suprised by how much plaque is present! • It is a helpful tool in painting a picture of the animal’s oral health for the owner • Useful when scaling the animal’s teeth to ensure that all the plaque has been removed during the procedure • Saves time scaling by indicating plaque and calculus on the teeth • Will increase dental procedures within the clinic • Quick and easy to use • Excellent training tool • Convenient dispenser box Cat. No L7465 iM3 Oscillating Disposable Prophy Angle, 100/pk iC Plaque iM3 iC Plaque, 72/pk iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Cat. No H1001 iM3 replacement disposable snap on prophy cups, can be used on the iM3 L7465 Oscillating Disposable prophy angles. The soft grey cups are latex free and designed to be single use only. iClean R&R polishing paste has been specially formulated for use with iM3 R&R oscillating disposable prophy angles. The oscillating action requires a slightly coarser paste than conventional polishing heads. Convenient to use, individual cups help reduce cross contamination and minimise the transfer of viruses between animals. Won’t splatter and does not contain flavour oils or fluoride. Packaged in a convenient bag of 100 individual units with finger holder supplied. iClean R&R Prophy Paste, Med Grit, no Fluoride – Bag of 100 x 2g individual units complete with finger holder iM3 iClean Prophy Paste, 255 g Tub A fine grit prophy paste with Fluoride and fruit flavour (smells like bubblegum) iClean R&R polishing paste has been specially formulated for use in animals. The fine grit paste is suitable for all polishing cups. Adequate dental polishing is a must! CLS Solution 250ml concentrate - 6 pack iClean Prophy Paste with Fluoride, Fine Grit, Fruit Flavour (smells like bubblegum) – 255g 9oz Tub Cat. No L7500 iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment