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iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Quick Guide for iM3 Burs Friction Grip (FG) burs Normally used in high speed handpieces. FG burs have a “rounded end” and fit all standard high speed handpieces. Maximum speed 400,000rpm. 19mm long Right Angle (RA) Burs Friction Grip (FG) Surgical Length Burs 25mm long These burs are 25 mm long and suitable for use in LED Advantage high speed handpieces. The extra length provides greater access in larger mouths. 22mm long Have a 22 mm long shank and a small notch at the end of the shank for locking the bur in place. These burs are commonly used in electric micromotors and low speed air driven handpieces. 20,000 - 30,000 RPM. Please note that these burs do not fit into iM3 high speed handpieces. Round Burs Round burs are used for removing bone, drilling holes and pulverizing roots. Crosscut Taper Fissure Burs These burs are used for sectioning teeth. HP Burs 45mm long These burs are suitable for rabbit dentistry and orthopaedics. HP bur shanks are 44.5 mm long, providing the extra length needed for use in large companion or domestic animals and exotic animals. HP burs are used in the low speed handpiece fitted with a 1:1 straight nose cone. These large burs can drill through thick bone for surgical, orthopaedic and endodontic work. iM3 recommends disposing of dental burs between each patient to reduce turbine wear of the high speed handpiece. Actual Size FG Plain Round Bur Actual Size FG Crosscut Taper Fissure Bur Actual Size FG Surgical Length Bur “ “ The iM3 Dental Unit is superior in every way. The handpieces are of much higher quality, the CLS flush system gives me piece of mind...NO COMPARISON! PRO2000 and 42-12, Carbondale , Co USA