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iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Unlike other (heavy duty spring-loaded) mouth guards that tend to overextend the temporomandibular joint, the iM3 designed mouth guard has a unique locking system that requires little force to hold the gag at the desired open position inside the animal’s mouth. The lightweight gag and spring coupled with the unique locking system reduces the risk of myalgia, neuralgia, and/or trauma to the temporomandibular joint. 3. iM3 Winged Elevator sizes 1-6 mm stubby (shorter length and larger diameter) handle. The stubby handle makes extraction so much safer as the user’s finger can be placed at the instrument tip. The handle design is ideal for small or large hands. The set is supplied in a stainless steel autoclavable instrument holder/case. Each elevator is available individually. iM3 Stainless Steel Mouth Gags iM3 6 Piece Winged Elevator Set Cat. No D1044 2. iM3 Mouth Gag - 5 cm opening (1) Cat. No D1023 iM3 Mouth Gag - 8 cm opening (2) D1024 iM3 Mouth Gag - 12 cm opening (3) D1025 iM3 12 piece Extraction Set - Updated 1. The complete extraction set provides the veterinarian with the instruments required to perform both simple and surgical extractions. D4100 Pictured The set consists of: D1001SH - D1006SH (1-6mm Stubby handle winged elevators) D1011 Periosteal elevator double ended 2/4 D1012 Extraction Forceps Universal T1000 Needle holders – Mayo Hegar T1200 Tissue forceps – Adson Brown T1300 La Grange Scissors, curved, one serrated blade T1400 Scalpel blade holder with round ergonomic handle D1043 Supplied in stainless steel autoclavable instrument cassette. 20.5 x 12 x 3cm Don’t confuse our Veterinary specific mouth gags for these heavy duty monsters! iM3 Mouth Gag 3 piece set Needle Holders with Tungsten Carbide Jaws Cat. No D4000 D1040 Stubby Handle Set incl. stainless steel instrument holder/case Cat. No D3000 Designed for multiple tasks and ideal for wiring jaws or orthopaedic work. The strong but fine jaws have tungsten carbide inserts for wire cutting. Scalpel Blade Holder - Round 13cm (5¼”) NEW The iM3 scalpel holder with tapered round handle is ergonomically designed (shaped like a pen) providing greater control during use. Size 3 handle. iM3 13 piece Extraction Set Cat. No T1400 The set consists of the same 12 instruments listed above and in addition to : T1500 Curved Blunt Suture Scissors Cat. No D4100 Autoclavable Instrument Trays 1. iM3 Feline 8 Piece Instrument Set The feline periodontal kit has been designed exclusively for use in cats and small dogs. Its design allows the practitioner to perform a complete oral examination (including detection of feline resorptive lesions) and cleaning of all tooth surfaces – both supra and subgingivally. All instruments are available individually. The set consists of: 1 mm Wide Straight Tip Elevator, 2 mm Wide Straight Tip Elevator Probe/Explorer Extraction Forceps Periosteal Elevator Resorptive Lesion Probe Sickle Scaler and Curette. 2. 3. 4. Autoclavable to 135º C. Instrument Tray 95 mm x 195 mm (1) Cat. No D1020 Instrument Tray 340 mm x 245 mm. Has 10 drilled bur holes (2) D1036 Stainless steel instrument holder/case 205 mm x 120mm x 30 mm (Excl. instruments) (3) D1043 Large Stainless steel instrument holder/cassette 205 x 165 x 30mm (4) D1096 Cat. No D2000 Anti-Fog Safety Glasses Your sight is one of your most precious assets and deserves the best possible protection. Anti fog safety glasses will help protect your eyes during routine veterinary dental procedures from aerosols as well as tooth or calculus fragments. Cat. No G0000 The 13pc set is supplied in a large stainless steel autoclavable cassette 20.5 x 16.5 x 3cm