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iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Table of contents iM3 is pleased to Launch its new worldwide website www.im3vet.com. Veterinarians now have the opportunity to order direct from iM3 via the website, view the latest product catalogue, subscribe to informative iM3 newsletters featuring case studies and learn more about the iM3 product range. Visit the iM3 website and register your email to receive more information. Page Rabbit and Rodent 4-7 Table Top Gag and LED Light 7 Soft Tissue Protector and Diamond Disc Safety Shield 8 LED Advantage Straight Nose Cone 9 Canine 10-14 Extraction Forceps 15 Feline & Small Dog 16 Curved Deciduous Elevators 17 5pc and 14pc Instrument Sets 18 4pc and 6pc Winged Elevator Sets 19 12pc Extraction Set 20 Feline 8pc Instrument Set 20 Mouth Gags 21 Instrument Tray 21 Safety Glasses 21 Lip Retractor and Oral Curettes 22 Clear Dental Models 23 Consumables “ I have been using iM3 products in a veterinary dental referral practice for many many years. They sell top quality products, and have the very best customer service in the industry. They make the lives of us in the veterinary dental business much easier! We are able to get our jobs done much more efficiently and proficiently. Kudos iM3! Keep up the great work! “ Erik Christensen, CVT Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Page Dental Burs 25-27 CLS Solution 28 iC Plaque Disclosing Solution 28 Disposable Prophy Angles 29 Prophy Paste 29 Handpieces Chapter 3 Page High Speed Handpieces 30-31 iPush Tool 31 Low Speed Handpiece & Contra Angles 32 Straight Nose Cones 33 Lubrication Oil 33 Ultrasonic Scalers Chapter 4 Page iM3 42-12 35 Ferrite Rod and Scaler Tips 35 iM3 P6 & P6 LED Piezo 36 iM3 P4 & P6 Scaling Tips 36 Cavitron Scaling Tip 36 iM3 Ultra LED 37 Dental Units Chapter 5 Page Vet-Tome (automated-periotome) 38-39 41 iM3 PL3 Polisher (micromotor) iM3 SP6 Scaler & Polisher 41 iM3 GS Deluxe 42 iM3 GS Deluxe LED 44 iM3 elite LED 46 iM3 Pro 2000 LED 48 Features and Benefits 50 Features and Options 51 Technical Support & Warranty 52 X-Ray Chapter 6 Page Dental X-Ray Positioning Kit 53 Bisecting Angle Guide 53 Digital Dental X-Ray - CR7 54-55 Revolution 4DC X-Ray Generator 56 Hand Held X-Ray Generator 57 Practical Products Chapter 7 Page iM3 Practical Products 58 About iM3 59 Visit our NEW website at KRUUSE Small Animal Dental Equipment www.im3vet.com Hand Instruments