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Straight Tip Elevators These super slim elevators are excellent for removing teeth in cats and small dogs. They are also useful in retrieving fractured roots. Tips can be sharpened using a dental stone. Elevator 1mm Cat. No D2001 Elevator 2mm Cat. No D2002 Probe/Explorer Cat. No D2003 Very Fine Periosteal Elevator Cat. No D2005 Resorptive Lesion Probe Cat. No D2006 Sickle Scaler Cat. No D2007 1mm wide straight tip elevator with stubby handle. 2mm wide straight tip elevator with stubby handle. The probe end has periodontal markings etched in black. The fine but robust tip is ideal for periodontal probing in cats or dogs. The markings will not fade even after many autoclave cycles. The other end of the probe has a shepherd hook explorer to detect tooth defects both supra and subgingivally. Double ended elevator. The small delicate flat ends of this instrument make it ideal for raising gingival flaps in cats. The rounded tip helps prevent accidental slippage and tearing of the gingival flap. This probe can be used to detect resorptive lesions or residual calculus subgingivally. The probe can also be used to identify furcation involvement (loss of alveolar bone between tooth roots). This double ended hand instrument is used for the removal of supragingival (above the gum) plaque/calculus and stains. Curette This slimline curette is ideal for calculus and plaque removal both supra and subgingivally (above and below the gum). The fineness of the instrument is well suited for use in cats and small dogs. iM3 Extraction Forceps Extraction forceps - small. These fine extraction forceps are designed to grasp small teeth. The spring action allows their use without excessive force being applied to the tooth crown. 125 mm Curved Deciduous Elevators The curved deciduous elevators are ideal for the removal of retained canines (milk teeth) and are available in three sizes suitable for the different sized deciduous teeth encountered. The sharp elevator end cuts the PDL whilst the curve of the elevator tip follows the mesial curve and the other end the distal curve of the root. Curved deciduous elevators make the removal of retained teeth quick and easy because they follow the curve of the root. Curved Deciduous Elevator – Small (2mm) Cat. No D1016 Curved Deciduous Elevator – Medium (3mm) Cat. No D1017 Curved Deciduous Elevator – Large (4mm) Cat. No D1018 Molt Periosteal Elevator – No. 9 Cat. No D1015 Cat. No D2008 Cat. No D2004 The rounded edge of the periosteal instrument minimise the tearing of tissue when lifting the gum flap. The sharp end makes the initial lifting of the flap easier. Suitable for medium to large dogs. Small Dog or Cat Right Angle Extraction Forceps Instruments mentioned on this page are available as a set (Cat. No D2000). Instruments Specially Designed for Felines and/or Very Small Dogs iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Designed by iM3 for easier extraction of cat, small dog and deciduous teeth. Parallel right angle jaws reduce the risk of tooth fracture during extraction. By not meeting at the end, they reduce the risk of breaking off cats teeth. Small handles provide a more tactile feel. Cat. No D1019 iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment