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iM3 Winged Elevators with Stubby Handle iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Cat. No The stubby handle elevators available as a 6 pc. set. See page 16 Winged Elevator 1mm D1001SH Winged Elevator 2mm D1002SH iM3 Luxators iM3 Luxators, sizes 1-5mm are very fine and sharp. The 5 sizes allow their use for both feline and Canine teeth. They are used and recommended by dental specialist’s for cutting the periodontal ligament and expanding the alveolus (tooth Socket) and are ideal for incisors and crowded teeth. The stubby (shorter length and larger diameter) handle makes extraction so much safer as the users fingers can be placed at the instrument tip. Luxators are not elevators, we recommend winged elevators are used to elevate and extract the tooth. Cat. No D4500 iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Winged Elevator 3mm D1003SH D4501 1mm Luxator (Stubby Handle) Winged Elevator 4mm D1004SH D4502 2mm Luxator (Stubby Handle) Winged Elevator 5mm D1005SH D4503 3mm Luxator (Stubby Handle) Winged Elevator 6mm D1006SH D4504 4mm Luxator (Stubby Handle) 5pc Luxator instrument set (1-5mm Stubby) D4505 5mm Luxator (Stubby Handle) 6 pc Stubby Handle Set includes stainless steel instrument holder/case iM3 Wedge Dental Sharpening Stone D1044 A3110 Dr Loic Legendre at the AVDS dental workshop. Sponsored by iM3 The wedge sharpening stone has a flat surface with a radius on either side. Dental hand instruments should be kept sharp and true to their original design. For best results, instruments should be sharpened after use. This Arkansas stone should be used with water or oil. Sharpening instructions included.