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iM3 Small Animal Dental Equipment Veterinary Winged Dental Elevators iM3 winged elevators are light-weight yet extremely durable. The sharp, tapered winged tip allows easy insertion into the PDL. The width of the winged tips have been shaped to match the size and shape of the tooth’s root structure (sizes 1-6 mm). This unique winged shape increases control of the instrument and provides additional leverage to aid in extraction of the tooth. are used and recommended by dental specialist’s for cutting the periodontal ligament and expanding the alveolus (tooth socket). iM3 winged elevators are available in 6 sizes and are used to elevate and extract the tooth. The winged shape of the elevator tip matches the curve of the tooth and the extra leverage aids in extraction. iM ve 3 in ter st ina rum ry sp ents ec ial are ist de s a ve nd lop are ed ba with ck ed the by gu a l ida ife nc tim e o e w f arr an ty* iM3 Winged Elevators with Standard Handle Cat. No Winged Elevator 1mm D1001 Winged Elevator 2mm D1002 Winged Elevator 3mm D1003 Winged Elevator 4mm D1004 Winged Elevator 5mm D1041 Winged Elevator 6mm D1042 Straight Root Tip Pick Used for assisting with extraction of retained root tips or root fragments. Straight Root tip pick - stubby handle Periosteal Elevator D1005 D1005S D1006 Used for elevating the muco-periosteal flap during extractions on large breed dogs. Periosteal Elevator - stubby handle D1006S *Lifetime warranty covers faulty material and workmanship. Damage due to the incorrect use or handling of the instrument is not covered by the lifetime warranty. The dental instruments that meet the needs of the modern day Veterinarian iM3 Luxators and Winged Elevators