DIAG IM3 Canine ImmunoComb Flyer - Page 2

Biogal’s ImmunoComb® Antibody Test Kit: Two main components The Comb • The Comb has 12 teeth. • Each tooth tests one blood/serum sample. • Each tooth can provide up to three tests. The Developing Plate The developing plate has multiple compartments, which contain the necessary reagents for Comb development. Biogal’s ImmunoComb® Advantages: • User friendly, easy to learn and perform. • Ideal for in-clinic work. • Analyses individual samples. • Faster turn-around time. • Provides semi-quantitative results. • Reliable and accurate. Kit Development Process: Obtain blood from animal(s). Deposit blood or serum sample(s) into well(s) A in developing plate. Insert Comb into well(s) A. Incubate for a specified time. Transfer the Comb from well(s) A to well(s) F in a timed sequence. Time intervals vary according to type of kit. Let Comb dry and read results. The color intensity of spots on Comb corresponds to antibody level.