DG29 - September 2015 * - Page 43

Located 54KM South East of the city of Porto in Portugal lies Vale do Rio Rural Hotel, which was the first eco hotel in Portugal. It is an innovative tourism project, environmentally friendly, which maximises the power of renewable energy to support its guests’ stay. The energy literally comes from Nature, once all the electricity used is produced in their own mini-hydric station, built in the end of 1800s, and from other renewable sources. The hotel was built in 2011, with a strong focus on sustainability of its daily operations. Located in the heart of the green city of Oliveira de Azeméis, it was created as a truly ecologic hotel. Besides hydric sourced energy, the hotel also uses other renewable sources of energy such as wind energy, solar energy, photovoltaic energy, biomass and biodiesel energy, all of them working together to provide energy for its 30 rooms – 21 double and 9 single, including an adapted suite for disabled guests. The environmentally friendly hotel is blessed by nature, in a unique setting. Located on the waterfront of the river Caima, in Palmaz, Vale do Rio Hotel is a unique property, pleasant and quiet, comfortable and Volume 3 • Issue 29 43