D'FYNE Fitness Magazine Winter 2019 - Page 97

to dealing with intense situations on the home front. However, one thing remained constant—my work inspired women to push through it all without question or concern. See where I am going with this? On the outside, I was a vibrant, successful career mom—until one day I learned that “doing it all” meant I wasn’t necessarily taking care of my inside. So, while I continued to write articles about living a balanced existence, my body was gathering infor- mation on how to get me to actually slow down. Which begs the question: Why didn’t I know better? The truth is that I thought it would pass. As women, we put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves to appease others. We push aside feelings of hopelessness and exhaustion just to get through the day. We convince ourselves that being rundown is a sign of weakness. And, we tell ourselves not to stop. I also didn’t know I was at risk. I’ve since learned that heart attacks have no barriers. They are not age specific—and they don’t only target overweight or overworked people. In fact, when I had mine, I worked out like a fiend. I ate clean. I was active with my kids (still am). I loved my job. Didn’t smoke (still don’t), and so on. I thought I had it all under control. How- ever, I was caught up in my hectic life and my body was ready to shout: Enough is enough! Looking back The symptoms started two months before my heart attack. On Christmas morning, I felt a tightness across my chest that I had never felt before. It took my breath away so much so that I had to leave the table where my family was eating breakfast. Yet, I shrugged it off as normal holiday stress. D’FYNE - Winter 2019 97