D'FYNE Fitness Magazine Winter 2019 - Page 77

your goals. “There’s only one ‘version’ of me—how I show up in the office is how I show up in the gym,” says Shirley. “Give it your all, impact those around you, and leave people better than when you found them— that’s success to me. Help others to see that whatever their goals are, no matter what their age, they can be achieved.” Soon enough, you’ll find that this approach to life will create a cycle of suc- cess with all of the facets of your life feeding off of the other. For Shirley, she says that to achieve her goals in the gym she needs to be tenacious, positive, hard working, and committed. “That’s what it takes in the office as well. The training definitely helps me manage my stress in a positive way so I truly believe it helps the ‘corporate exec’ version of me to be successful, too.” D’FYNE - Winter 2019 77