D'FYNE Fitness Magazine Winter 2019 - Page 66

HEALTH HEALTH HACKS Eat a healthy diet that includes the colour spectrum. Don't try to make too many big changes at once. Prioritize what you want for yourself and pick the most im- portant to start. Once you have mastered that for a few weeks, add another from your list. This will help with not feeling too overwhelmed in the beginning. Be diligent about reading labels and tracking food intake. 66 D’FYNE - Winter 2019 Listen to your body and rest when needed. GET YOUR GYM CLOTHES AND EVERYTHING YOU NEED READY THE NIGHT BEFORE A PLANNED WORKOUT. Journalling. It can help clear your mind before bed and release the day’s ups and downs. You’ll probably sleep much better once you start writing in a journal. DON’T ALLOW FATIGUE OR LAZINESS TO THWART YOUR PLANS. We thought it’d be fun to check in with our favourite com- munity, D’FYNE readers, for your top tips when it comes to mak- ing your healthy lifestyle work for you. Thank you for sharing! Here are our favour- ites. And while the tips range broadly, it’s all smart advice to set you on the right track to ring in 2019.