D'FYNE Fitness Magazine Winter 2019 - Page 32

COVER GIRLS from her toes. “I never could and then that day I realized I could not only do one, but I could do 10.” She since worked up to 20 and her regular workouts include push-ups. Besides the physical and mental benefits of her healthy lifestyle, Sue has also found a new circle of friends. “When I started I was by myself. I’m kind of shy, and I was at the back of the class and didn’t speak to a whole lot of peo- ple,” she confesses. “Now I’m at the front of the class and I have a great network of women who also want to be healthy and enjoy their kids and grandkids.” The Team- Challenge Champ JOAN MACDONALD, 72 Sue, Rosalie, and Joan showing the world how they're all stronger than yesterday. starting in 2011 with a simple goal: to feel healthy. “It wasn’t about wanting to lose 20 pounds. I was going through menopause and I was con- cerned about lack of bone density. I didn’t want to be a woman who fell down and couldn’t get back up. I wanted to live, and to trav- el, and so for me, feeling healthier meant develop- ing muscle tone,” shares the Toronto native. “And I didn’t want to wear long sleeves in the summer time,” she laughs, admitting 32 D’FYNE - Winter 2019 that vanity was a moti- vator too. She started by giving up what she dubs “doughy foods” (think pastas and pastries) and since she knew she wasn’t pushing herself as hard as could doing workout DVDs at home, she joined a gym that offered group classes that appealed to her. It was here that she met Rosalie. Healthy and happy Fast forward seven years later, and Sue is working out five days a week at the gym and is feeling healthi- er than ever. She has maintained her bone-density levels and remembers two particular moments when she realized her efforts were paying off. “I thought I could feel a triceps,” she shares with a laugh. “And someone said to me that we are most critical of ourselves so if you feel that it’s there, it’s there, it’s not your imagination,” says Sue. “That gave me motivation to keep going.” And the other pivotal mo- ment? When she realized she could do a push-up Joan Macdonald has had an on-and-off relationship when it comes to fitness. Issues including lack of results, costly personal trainer fees, being on medi- cation (which she hates), and some health issues (everything from kidney failure to knee replace- ment) have all played a factor in her health as an adult. In early 2017, howev- er, thanks to some signifi- cant weight gain becoming especially worrisome (she credits a poor diet for this), with encouragement from her daughter Michelle, a personal trainer, she signed up for her daugh- ter’s program. Go, team! This change made all the difference. While working