D'FYNE Fitness Magazine Winter 2019 - Page 31

she had hip-replacement surgery, which made her nervous, but she realized that she could main- tain her physique with more strength training. Currently her workouts focus largely on strength training without much rest in between each exer- cise, which gets her heart rate up. A no-nonsense approach to fitness Rosalie believes that more and more people are realiz- ing the difference between exercise and physical recreation, and that in order to get the results you want and to make your recre- ation more fun, you need a good exercise program. “Being healthy is quite an achieveable goal for people. Getting your walking in and keeping moving are great, but to change your body, you need to have a good, serious exercise program,” she says. And by that, she means go- ing back to basics with squat and lunges. “Some people like to be entertained with their fitness, but I don’t agree with that. You should have a no-nonsense program that allows you to be entertained in other aspects of your life! So that when your family invites you on a hike, you can say yes. When my son asks me to play tennis, I can say yes; and that’s because of the sessions spent on serious exercise.” Good health allows us to play in this game of life “Being an older trainer, I realize how our bodies age. And when I first started training, you’d never hear ‘40 is the new 30’ and ‘70 is the new 50.’ Now you are and women are embrac- ing weight training more than before,” says Rosalie. She shares that she more recently learned that there are certain cultures who don’t like women to look muscular. “But that’s slowly starting to change. When I teach group class- es, I stress how as we get older, the way to main- tain independence and quality of life is through strength and cardiovas- cular fitness,” she says. While she acknowledges that it gets harder as we get older, she says that if you stay on top of it, you can combat muscle deterio- ration and the slowing of your metabolism with an efficient strength workout. “We’re all working out in this game of life, and to get more out of life, your 30 to 60 minutes of fitness a day, five or six days a week, will make a big impact on the rest of your life.” The Feel- Healthy Fitness Fan SUE MCERLAIN, 62 For Sue McErlain, she turned things around D’FYNE - Winter 2019 31