D'FYNE Fitness Magazine Winter 2019 - Page 23

active lifestyle were not the people she wanted in her life. Meanwhile, Marga formed an even stronger commu- nity with the friends and co-workers who encouraged her transformation. Many members of her circle were inspired to improve their own lifestyles and diets. FUELLING UP Over the course of her jour- ney, Marga learned to see food differently. She views it as fuel, and she knows that eating well does her mind good and keeps her body healthy. Thanks to this attitude, she has been able to keep cravings in check further injuries. “I was very intimidated using the equip- ment in the gym at the begin- ning,” she recalls. She felt that the gym was a male-dominated MARGA NERGHIS AT A GO-TO HEALTHY SNACK Cashews and almonds FAVE SPLURGE FOOD A peanut butter sandwich BEST EASY-TO- MAKE MEAL An imaginative salad PERSONAL MANTRA Do good and good will come to you and keep her weight steady at 110 pounds. When people ask her for her secrets, she recommends consulting a nutritionist, hiring a certi- fied personal trainer, and stepping out of your com- fort zone for a physical and mental challenge. Weight lifting is a source of mental fuel for Marga. “Preparing for bikini fitness competi- tions taught me discipline, structure, and self-confidence,” she proclaims. “It helped me discover that I have leader- ship abilities, that I am in fact a very positive person, and that it feels incredible to give back and motivate others.” area, and she did not want to be looked at. Another barrier was that she didn’t know how to properly train. Marga enlisted a personal trainer to show her the ropes, which helped her gradually step out of her comfort zone and gain confidence. A SILVER LINING Marga’s knee injury may have been a setback at first, but it helped her discover a lifelong passion for weight training. She signed up for a fitness competition, which gave her a motivational boost. At first, she found it difficult to balance a full- time job and prepare for competitions with her social and family life. However, she learned that the people who could not support her D’FYNE - Winter 2019 23