D'FYNE Fitness Magazine Winter 2019 - Page 22

SHARE YOUR JOURNEY Be the Change Marga Nerghis embarked on a journey of self-transformation that ended up touching everyone around her. Now she’s sharing how she built not only a strong body, but also a supportive community. PHOTOS BY GLEN E. GRANT (@GLENEGRANT) I n her 20s, Marga’s weight yo- yoed between 92 and 130 pounds. She considered 130 pounds to be too heavy for her petite 5’2' frame, while 92 pounds was verg- ing on dangerously light. She struggled to find a happy medium. Marga doubt- ed her ability to reach her fitness goals and she became easily discouraged. STEPPING UP Marga started doing group fitness classes, like Zumba and step. They were fun and helped her stay moti- vated—she calls them her “endor- phin bombs.” Soon enough, she had progressed to more challenging, boot camp-style classes. However, her rou- tine was derailed when she suffered a knee injury in 2015. She switched gears and started to focus on physiotherapy instead of her fitness classes. THE ROAD TO REHABILITATION In light of her injury, Marga needed to start a weight-training program to strengthen her hurt muscle and avoid 22 D’FYNE - Winter 2019