DEVRY BSOP 209 Entire CourseDEVRY BSOP 209 Entire Course DEVRY BSOP 209 Week 6 Homework Assignment

DEVRY BSOP 209 Week 6 Homework Assignment Check this A+ tutorial guideline at For more classes visit A.2 Even though independent gasoline stations have been having a difficult time, Susan Helms has been thinking about starting her own independent gasoline station. Susan’s problem is to decide how large her station should be. The annual returns will depend on both the size of her station and a number of marketing factors related to the oil industry and demand for gasoline. After a careful analysis, Susan developed the following table: Size of First Station Small Medium Large Very Large Good Market ($) 50000 80000 100000 300000 Fair Market ($) 20000 30000 30000 25000 Poor Market ($) -10000 -20000 -40000 -160000 For example, if Susan constructs a small station and the market is good, she will realize a profit of $50,000.