Devotion Magazine | A Devotional Christian Magazine for Females SPRING/SUMMER 2014 - Page 8

I sn’t that the truth? Our [feminine] emotions can oftentimes feel like a humungous burden we are forced to drag around; not because we cry at sad movies and coo over chubby babies; certainly not because our hearts can easily leap tall buildings when that special boy smiles at us. Of course, emotions do not feel at all burdensome when we swap guarded secrets with our BFF for hours after the rest of the house has turned in for the night— no… those are actually the fun side of our delicate hearts. What I’m referring to are the miserable moments alone when we feel the pain of an offhanded comment, the heartbreak of a friend moving away or the downpour of tears that come after betrayal. Those very vulnerable minutes, hours or days when our emotions feel like glass and we tiptoe through life afraid our delicate hearts might shatter if anyone even lifts an eyebrow in our direction. Those feelings—the ones we want to hate, yet are woven so intricately through our entire makeup—there’s no way to ditch them. I admit, on more than one occasion, I’ve lifted my eyes to heaven and pondered, “Why would a loving God create me to be such a messy, sniffling, hurting creature?” To answer that, I first had to realize that I’m a bit of a chicken. When I say that, I’m really not implying that I’m a cowardly, yellow-bellied, scaredy-cat. I’m actually referring to the Old MacDonald’s farm animal—the kind [that] hatched from an egg. The ones that began life covered with the most fragile piece of material we can imagine. Eggshells. Since its common knowledge that baby chicks spend their pre-hatched life in the confines of this brittle matter, I won’t bother to discuss the science behind it. Yet, think about it… an eggshell? The very same element that protects the gooey, liquidy substance will one day become a fuzzywuzzy, cheeping chicklet, can be cracked, broken or squashed with the slightest tap. Does that amaze you? [Moreover], why would God create the protective covering of a precious baby chick to be so fragile? As I considered that idea, I realized that one day that chick needs to be able to penetrate and escape the TOUGH GIRL | Page 8 | SPRING/SUMMER 2014 | DEVOTION GIRL Credit: Baby Chicks-Graphic Stock, Bucket 139776682, Girl Sylerarts-95610601—Shutterstock, Eggshells-Jeannie Buondelmonte Why do things hurt me so easily? Why do I have to care? I wish I didn’t have to feel so much… I’m just too fragile!