Devotion Magazine | A Devotional Christian Magazine for Females SPRING/SUMMER 2014 - Page 29

Prayers Not Answered - Credit: Girl on Bendh-Kuzmin Andry, Green Rip-49258720, Girl-28450354 —Shutterstock When a prayer goes unanswered, some people give up. But never, ever, give up. It is important to make sure that we have done our part. Sometimes people throw a prayer up to heaven expecting "genie-like" results. Meanwhile, they are living their life on their own terms without any thought of what it means to become holy. So, we should ask ourselves some questions: Have I had a full-submersion baptism with a confession of Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior? Have I made a conscious effort to follow Him through learning and applying His Word? Finally, have I actually been in a relationship with God where I allowed Him to change me? Christians learn to understand God's timing, how to trust the Lord, and how to rely on the Lord no matter what it looks like. This spiritual refinement could last many years, but as you experience God through a relationship with Him, you will see His glory. And when He is through refining you by this fruit, you should come out stronger than ever. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. “Saved from what?,” some might ask. Saved from evils that you could avoid and saved from eternal separation from God. Try to convince someone to believe. DM SMART GIRL | Page 29 | DEVOTIONMAGAZINE.COM