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Your Home In America’s Largest Ski Resort. JUPITER BOWL JUPITER PEAK ELEVATION 10,026’ ELEVATION 9,998’ O-ZONE SUNDOG McCONKEY’S BOWL MOLLY’S Just imagine having immediate ski-in / ski-out access to the new Park P-ZONE PUMA BOWL WEST FACE 1ST BOWL E RIDG EER PION ANNA GEORGE WAR ZONE JUPITER ACCESS LUC N NEWPORT RU HO ME RK PA T EN SILVER SKIS ’S HOMERU N RL SHAFT N WIL LY’S RU T DRIF PA GS SHORTLINE IRO N LIT TLE KIN FLA T A ANZ Y’S BON ES ESC R CR RK PA JON ’S CTO RD CHANCE COUR CHEVEL MINERS CAMP IKA ’S G N’S SL ER ERUN MON ITOR CLIM GOTCHA CUT-OFF ME Y EUREKA ROAD THAY CANY CO MB US AX S’ SL HOM LIBERT AY ADW DIE NCH SHAMUS BRO OLD SITKA LAND ER TN HIGH CA NEFF DRIV SPE ER D LLOW NAIL BLA L FAL R RE HO PAYDAY AKE TER WA OWM IDE C MP N VE SIL TREASU WID to track your vertical feet, earn pins and share photos. IMJU LA E SELDOM SE EN RU N .’S C.B O’S AB PIC O R THE SHACK SPIR TY S PLIT M CO LIG E PICK ‘N SH OVEL EAGLE SUPE RPIPE HOMERUN TOWN T EN TM MI STA LEGENDS BAR & GRILL HOT SP TATIO N VER SIL LEGACY LODGE ER ILV KS IC QU TEMP VISTA RDR LE TLE TURAIL TR What better way to enjoy Park City’s 350 inches of snow every year? N Cloud Dine Restaurants at Canyons Village. SILV OW House Restaurant at Park City, and the expansion of Red Pine Lodge and CR include a new 500 seat Miners Camp restaurant, upgrades to Summit G’S LE CREO such as the free Spring Concert series. Other amenities and renovations HO ER MERRILL MINI HALFPIPE SNOWED INN SLEIGH COMPANY O CRE W LLO 3 KINGS TIM KIN ‘N AY FIRST TIME E IT QU $50 million linking Park City and Canyons. The combined resort has 300+ super pipe and one mini pipe, plus a diverse mix of year round activities PA YD ER KL C HE During the summer of 2015, Vail Resorts completed the largest resort trails, 38 lifts, seven terrain parks, 14 bowls, six natural half pipes, one OLE CARB NA TO R CLA KING CO IN RK END mountains in four countries and their EPIC Mix enables your smart phone EY TO G DIVID Their extremely affordable EPIC season pass gives you access to 27 ALL DE E BU HOMERUN L’S OLD RY H IDE EY RL 3/4 LOAD ME PRO E D GLO YS PA US L’S G NN A YN ROS Northstar in Lake Tahoe. RK PA E QUE TF MIKEY’S FOO SU TE MI H SP IDDE LE N ND PO OR WD ER KEG ASS ESS ME NT JACK MOTHERLODE MEADOWS ’S SH N BONANZA ACCESS SINGLE EY RL PA R AD OR Breckenridge and Keystone in Colorado, and Heavenly, Kirkwood and CTO 1/4 LO 1/2 LOAD VER SIL SPE and Utah. These include such prestigious names as Vail, Beaver Creek, RO based company operates the largest ski resorts in Colorado, Lake Tahoe T BELMON BLASTER MUCKERS VIKING YURT JAC K TP synonymous with quality, innovation and personal service. The Colorado LE M T MEADOW N S LOS Since Vail Resorts’ founding more than 50 years ago, they have become UB D- SY’S JONE OIST S DO MI THE H THA YNE SUMMIT HOUSE EER PION MID-MTN MID-MOUNTAIN LODGE BLUESLIP BOWL OY B KY MEL’S AL LEY HIDDEN SPLEND OR N IDE OO WOODS TYC -MTN MIDTO FF CU Canyons Resort, Vail Resorts has created the largest ski resort in America. 10TH MTN POWDER MONKEY BLACK FOREST KEYSTONE EY GEORGEANNA terrain. By combining the existing Park City Mountain Resort and the SAMPSON COMSTOCK RED FOX HAWKEYE BUCKEYE City mountain resort that now offers 7,300 acres of ski and snowboard improvement project in the history of American skiing when they spent M B TELLER DEAD TREE FORTUN E O Y PIN SILVER CLIFF LLS 6 BE ATOR INDIC EAST FACE GE ID NR