Destinations - Southern Indiana 2019 - Page 29

It’s called the largest Beatles- inspired music festival in the world, known to most as Abbey Road on the River. And for at least six more years, the festival will be held over Memorial Day weekend at Big Four Station in Jeffersonville. Harvest Homecoming is one of the largest festivals in Indiana. Some say the second largest, while others argue it’s the third. But the only numbers that matter are the hundreds of thousands of people it brings to downtown New Albany every October. Two legendary festivals, both in our own backyard. But, there are many more. Long-standing events such as the Strawberry Festival, Sellersburg Celebrates! and Lanesville Heritage Weekend attract large crowds each year as well, and there are other one-day and two-day events that have created their own traditions in Southern Indiana. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE BY CHRIS MORRIS EST The following is a glance at some annual festivals planned for 2019.